Moving to New York is always a challenge. After all, this city didn’t earn it’s fearsome reputation for no reason! But, there’s a reason more and more people are hurrying up to move to NYC. It’s because the city has plenty of things to offer to people from all walks of life! There is a reason it’s an internationally famous city. For the young professionals, the cream of the crop is in NYC. For people with kids, there’s plenty of NYC neighborhoods for families to pick from, all offering amazing things to start their new life. And retirees shouldn’t feel excluded – there are many affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC! So, if you’ve always wanted to move to New York, now is the time to seize your dreams and live your best life. But, how? What neighborhood is the best for seniors?

Two seniors reading newspapers on a bench in the park.In some of the most affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC, green areas are commonplace!

There are plenty of affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC that seniors can live their best life in.

Why move to NYC anyway?

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to want to move to NYC. But, of course, you should try and be specific about them. This is a big decision, and you have to really commit to it. Especially because the real estate market in the city is infamous, so you will probably be renting instead of buying. And, if you own a house, that might mean selling it and not owning real estate again. But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be bad! Just think about it: an apartment would be downsizing, meaning you don’t have to take care of a big house all by yourself. You won’t have to shovel snow off your driveway, rake leaves from your yard, fix the gutters, mind the roof… there are a lot of advantages to living in the big city. Not having to mind a house is only one of them!

Plus, there are a lot of excellent things in NYC especially tailored to seniors. Of course, while the stereotypical New Yorker is a busy young professional brewing coffee with Red Bull (or vodka) just to make it to everywhere they need to be, that’s not actually the case. After all, there’s already a senior citizen population in NYC – the people who lived their all of their lives! It’s not like they’re being transported to green country pastures en masse. The New York Foundation for Senior Citizens can definitely prove that.

How do you move to the most affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC?

If you want to succeed, you have to organize your move. Even if you’re used to going along with things, going with the flow – moving is simply too big of an obligation to manage without some thorough organization. Just think about all the things you need to do! You can’t possibly expect to handle every problem as it comes up – you have to plan.

  • It can be difficult, to move as a senior. Thankfully, plenty of moving companies provide senior moving assistance options.
  • You have to save money – but hiring quality affordable movers is definitely better than trying to move on your own. Just think about all the expensive mistakes you won’t be making!
  • You have to start early enough in advance. Of course, it’s very easy to get trapped by procrastination out of fear of failure. But, if you start early enough, and only do a little bit each day, you can overcome it!
  • You get a lot of benefits when hiring a good professional. But, more importantly, you have to be aware of fraudulent movers.

Is Hell’s Kitchen the best neighborhood for you?

Hell’s Kitchen used to be a shady part of town. After all, it did get it’s name after Irish gangsters in the sixties. But, nowadays it’s surprisingly safe – thanks Daredevil! And, of course, it’s fairly affordable. It might even be one of the most affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC. It’s definitely a neighborhood you should look into, if you’re looking for a calm NYC experience, with a wide variety of cultures mixing together in harmony. That means, of course, that it has some of the best food trucks in the city. Plus, a selling point of this neighborhood is that it’s close to Central Park and Times Square. So, phone your local movers – like DA Moving NYC – and hit the road!

A woman strolling past autumn-dappled trees. She has a very fancy hat.

You can take plenty of relaxing walks in Central Park if you move to Hell’s Kitchen. It’s very good for your health!

Most affordable neighborhoods for seniors in NYC: Park Slope

Park Slope is widely considered the best place in New York City to raise a family. It’s got plenty of green spaces, wide sidewalks for the stroller army, and it’s very connected to the rest of the city. But, it’s a good choice even if you’re not actively raising a family. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got relatives you want to move closer to, or if you just want to experience all the fun NYC has to offer – Park Slope is a good place to live in! And, with the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging, a very safe place to retire to.

An old man with a truly magnificent mustache smoking a cigar.

Park Slope is a wonderful neighborhood to relax in.

Is Murray Hill the place for you?

Murray Hill is one of the most affordable neighborhoods for retirees in NYC. Many retirees have taken to it, citing it’s residential feel as a positive – no loud bustling noises in this part of town! It has a low crime rate and can boast with being one of the most affordable neighborhoods in that part of town. So, if you want to move to Murray Hill, phone your favorite movers and relocate your household goods with ease. The neighborhood promises to be as relaxing as NYC can possibly get.