Living on the East Coast is a unique experience compared to other parts of the country. Here are some pros and cons about living on the East Coast you should be aware of before you pack your belongings for a long-distance move.

Variety – the pro

Maybe the biggest pro of living on the East Coast is the variety you get on this side of the country. West Coast gives you only three states from which to choose. You can be a resident of California, Oregon, or Washington. But, on the East Coast, you have the opportunity to choose anything, from Miami’s tropical weather to beautiful fall foliage in Connecticut. Or even Maine. You can pick one of the cities in Florida with the best climate, or something like Manhattan, Cambridge, or deeply southern Carolinas. It is your decision. Also, Georgia is another location that gives plenty of local charm.

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Make sure you prepare on time for living on the East Coast!

Living on the East Coast doesn’t mean ocean view – the con

No matter which city you pick, you never lose when you move to the East Coast. But, you should know one thing about living here that is a huge con. Many locations on the East Coast won’t give you an ocean view. Unlike the West Coast, where you have the hills and ocean views from almost every home, the East Coast is flat. And the only place where you can admire the ocean is sand. Even if you’re across the street from the beach, you probably won’t be able to see it.

Good access to means of public transport – the pro

If you’re moving from coast to coast, it’s likely you won’t need to haul your car. You can consider leaving your car behind and substituting expenses with a nice profit from the sale if you move to the East Coast. Even if you’re accustomed to public transport, experiencing it in East Coast cities can be a wonderful experience. Especially in New York.

Living on the East Coast implies high living costs – the con

There are many expenses you’ll find different as you head east. The cost of living on the East Coast is more expensive than many other places in the nation. Even large cities on the West Coast. But, it’s not as substantial as you might think. But, in the end, other cities in the US, aren’t that much more affordable either. Only four East Coast cities rank on the top list of most expensive cities in the US.

That’s why before making the big decision you should learn more about that stuff. You see, that is very important because if you want to relocate here, this is something you must consider. So, prepare your moving budget on time, get what you need, and find the right house. Because when you do and when you relocate with specialists’ help, you will have plenty of time to explore everything else the East Coast has hidden.

Pros and cons baskets for living on the East Coast areas

Gather every information you can before you make the big decision!

Other pros of living on the East Coast 

  •  Richer history – East Coast of the United States has a much richer heritage. As evidence is more developed infrastructure and building architecture. All this thanks to the European invasion. East Coast museums are more prevalent, and the attractions more interesting. 
  • Close to Europe – Living on the East Coast means a direct flight to Europe. This is also cheaper and quicker. Who doesn’t want to visit Paris or London every once in a while? 
  • Time Zone Dominance – TV and major broadcasts still revolve around eastern standard time. Plus there are many examples of major events serving the eastern time zone. 
  • Food – For some reason, hot pastrami sandwiches, pizza, and cheesesteaks always seem tastier on the East Coast. Maybe there’s no real difference. But, the fact that you eat a hot pastrami sandwich at Katz’s deli in NYC, it’s just more authentic. 
  • Earthquakes are fewer  
  • There’s Only Upside – People tend to say that once you live here, anywhere else you go will be so much better! 

Other cons of living on the East Coast

  • When it comes to the weather on the East Coast, you should know that it is bad. The climate is way too hot and muggy during the summer, and it also too cold and dreary during the winter. 
  • Storms and weather changes – Every year people here face horrible hurricanes that wreak havoc on property and financial well-being. 
  • East Coast is also a terrible place for allergies. Anybody who is highly sensitive to any allergen should consider leaving the area immediately. 
  • You see, when the weather is terrible half the year, some people might suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In that case, stress levels are higher, people are more overweight, etc.
  • But if you think that that stuff won’t stop you then you should start working on your relocation. Focus on finding a new job after moving into a new home, and go out to explore the area. That can help realize see if there is anything else you might bother except for those stuff from above.
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The only way that can help you make the right decision is visiting. So, take some time and go for an adventure before you start living on the East Coast.

A couple of last notes

You should know that it is pretty much incomparable to the West Coast. Both of them are two very different with so many unique qualities. And wherever place you are moving to, the preparation for adjusting to the new environment is always the same. Every part of it has something you are going to like or dislike. And after you start living on the East Coast for a while, you discover great new things. You will have the opportunity to share your experience with someone who is in your shoes right now.