Flatbush is an amazing neighborhood located in the center of Brooklyn. This is where a lot of people live and want to live. And there are many reasons why this is so. This neighborhood is located south of Prospect Park, which makes it an even more desirable part of Brooklyn to live in. And if you were thinking about moving to Flatbush, you came to the right place. We are here to tell you more about this neighborhood and why living in Flatbush would be a good idea. This article will help you decide whether living in Flatbush is for you and we think it is. This is a part of town where people from all over the world live in which really makes it a great place for raising children, too.

Homes in Flatbush

The first thing you might be interested in knowing are homes in Flatbush. If you are looking to rent an apartment, the median price in this neighborhood is around $2,000 a month. This is what made it so desirable in the first place. This isn’t an expensive part of Brooklyn but it is one of the best neighborhoods. The homes in this neighborhood are mostly prewar apartments. You’ll also find a large number of single- and two-family homes in Flatbush. Homes here are usually small, but you can find storage to make more room at home easily near Brooklyn.

A street in Brooklyn.

There are a few types of homes in homes in Brooklyn.

If you are thinking about investing in real estate and actually purchasing a home in Flatbush, we have great news for you. The median home value in Flatbush is less than $600,000. This is a large amount of money, we’re not saying it isn’t, but it is definitely a small price to pay for an apartment in New York City in such a great neighborhood. If you are already thinking about moving to Flatbush, usantini.com is a moving company that can help you relocate here in no time.

Commuting and public transportation when living in Flatbush

The next most important thing to do research on when searching for the right neighborhood in New York City is public transportation. Flatbush is served by the B local and Q express trains. Along Flatbush’s eastern borders, you also have the 2 and 5 trains. This is unfortunate for the people working in Manhattan as Flatbush isn’t very well-connected to that part of New York. This means that you will travel to work a lot if you are traveling from Flatbush to Manhattan.


You will be thrilled to find out that you don’t even have to leave your neighborhood to go shopping. You’ll find everything you need in Flatbush. Flatbush Avenue and Cortelyou Road are two streets where you’ll find everything you need. From local shops to big ones where you can find everything. This is great for people with children as you will have more time on your hands as you won’t be wasting it going to another neighborhood to shop for groceries and clothes. Remember that you can hire friendly movers to help you out with your Flatbush relocation, even if you end up not liking the neighborhood, which we doubt is going to happen.

A woman carrying a shopping bag in a shop.

You don’t even have to leave Flatbush to go shopping.

Fun activities to do when living in Flatbush

The best part about living in Flatbush is that there are a lot of places where you and your family could have a lot of fun together. Flatbush has amazing restaurants with cuisine from all over the world. After all, this is a very diverse part of Brooklyn and a lot of restaurants serve authentic traditional foods. You will be able to eat anything from Asian and Mediterranean food to Hawaiian pizzas and amazing burgers. There are also plenty of cafes for drinking coffee and bars for drinking wine and beer. Flatbush is also one of the best places to start a business.

Flatbush is a children-friendly neighborhood

This is a neighborhood for everyone. There are plenty of fun things for children too. Besides the big Prospect Park, you can also find an amazing Tennis court and playgrounds in the neighborhood. The best part about this neighborhood is that most of the schools are located in the part of the neighborhood that is called South Midwood. This is where you will find all elementary, middle, and high schools. The best part about this neighborhood is that Brooklyn College is located here. This also means that a lot of young people live in this neighborhood and around it.

Two girls hugging each other.

Living in Flatbush with children is a great idea.


One of the best things about living in Flatbush is the fact that this neighborhood is very safe. This is because a lot of young people and people with children live here. This creates an amazing environment for your child. Plus, when you add the fact that this part of Brooklyn looks very nice and is clean, you’ve found yourself the perfect neighborhood for raising a family. This is an important thing to keep in mind when moving with toddlers. Plus, you’ll both be living near and far away from the center of New York which is a big plus. You can easily drive to any other part of the city from here even though public transportation isn’t the best.

Best parts of the neighborhood to live in

Now that you know everything about Flatbush, you might be wondering which parts of Flatbush are the best. The South Midwood is great for families with children as you will be living near schools. The Prospect Park South is also a great neighborhood for families as there is plenty of nature here. But we don’t think that you will be unsatisfied with whichever part of the neighborhood you choose to live in. There are plenty of reasons to love the Upper West Side, but there are even more reasons to love Flatbush.