Climate-controlled storage is also known as temperature-controlled storage. It is specially designed for all the items that can be ruined if it gets too humid, hot, or even cold. They are capable to keep a safe temperature all year long. Typically, they keep the temperature somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees. It is great that you can find that kind of storage everywhere. People are often afraid that this can be pricy, but they are becoming very popular. That means that prices are fairly reasonable now. So, here are some items that require climate-controlled storage.

Why do you need climate-controlled storage?

So, if you are wondering why is temperature-controlled storage important. The answer is simple – it’s great and will keep all your household items safe. For example, furniture is one of those items that need climate-controlled storage. If you are storing your furniture, you will be needing a safe and dry place for it. This is the only way to stay in the same condition as you left it. Climate control systems are able to maintain humidity levels and that is the only way to avoid mold.

Storage units for those items that require climate-controlled storage.

Find out if you need this kind of storage space.

Lists of the items that require climate-controlled storage

Here is a full list of items that require temperature-controlled storage. So, if you have some of those items you should look for temperature-controlled storage nearby.

  • furniture ( anything made of leather, wood, wicker, or metal )
  • electronics
  • media ( vinyl records, videos, etc )
  • artwork
  • clothing and shoes
  • any kind of important documents and papers
  • photographs
  • vehicles

How to find a good storage

The most important factor is location. You will be needing storage close by so check out ones in your neighborhood. Check out if your local movers can offer you this service. Before you decide check the storage out. Make sure everything is legit. If everything seems great you can start with planning how to fill the storage properly.

The interior of a storage facility.

Location is the most important factor.

Storing your items in climate-controlled storage

Make a list of everything that will be stored in this space. Plan on how much space will boxes or bins take. Measure it if necessary. You cant fully pack the space, you need some free space for ventilation. Also while you are there make sure to get insurance. You need to be on the safe side.

How to be sure that your storage is temperature-controlled the right way?

Before you decide on any storage look at their website, read the review. Google them. See how their previous clients were happy with provided service. Also, you can just go there and check out the temperature and humidity any day. After all, this is the only way to be sure that your valuable items are safe and sound. Make sure to write them a review so others will see later on how happy were you with the service provided.