The moving process can be a very tiring and expensive experience. There are so many things to think about and plan ahead. One of them is deciding which relocation company you want to hire for your moving process. Perhaps, this is even the most important decision regarding your move. If you have relocated to your new home, but you want to help people who will be moving their house in the future, write an informative review for a moving company that you hired. In case you are not so certain what information will be helpful to future potential clients of that company, this text contains some steps you would want to follow.

Be specific and objective when you write an informative review for a moving company

The first thing that you need to do when you write an informative review for a moving company that you hired is to be specific and objective above everything. You have to pay special attention when it comes to spelling because many relocation companies have very similar names. And, you do not want to make a mistake like that. So, for example, if the name of the moving company that you had hired for your relocation process is make sure that you spell it correctly. Moreover, you have to be objective when referring to the workers of that company and the job they did when your moving day came. In addition, maybe you would also want to rate the company from one star to five stars.

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Make sure to write your review objectively and clearly.

Explain how your moving day went

In order to help potential clients make their decision about hiring a certain relocation company, you need to explain how your moving day went. Some of the things they may be interested in are:

If the movers arrived on time is a piece of important information for your review for a moving company

Punctuality is of high importance to the majority of people. If their movers come too early or too late, it can make some problems in their schedule. And nobody wants that. Especially the people who prefer planning everything carefully. Each relocation is very stressful, and if something like this happens, it can make the whole thing more complicated.

Were the packers fast and efficient?

People will be interested to find out if the packers of that company were fast and efficient while doing the work. Nobody wants the movers who make unnecessary brakes, especially if he or she is paying by the hour. This is why you need to give them more information on this topic.

Did you have to provide packing materials on your own?

Also, people would like to know if they should buy or find some packing materials on their own or should they just wait for the movers and prepare their belongings. And, do not forget to mention the price of both their moving materials and packing services. That will definitely help someone choose one option of these two.


Inform people if you provided boxes for packing on your own.

Were the movers polite to you and your family members?

Politeness is very important to many people, especially when they are paying for some services. Therefore, you should clearly explain the behavior of movers towards you and the rest of your family.

Were they careful when carrying your belongings?

This will definitely interest anyone, especially the people who have some valuable items that they would want to transport.

Also, if you have some more information to give, that will be great. Everybody needs to know as much as possible about relocation-related help you can get when hiring a certain professional moving company. In addition, you would want to write more about the kind of move you had. For example, if it was a local or long-distance move. In that way, people will have a chance to compare their relocation process with yours. Perhaps, those differences and similarities will help them decide whether they would want to hire the same moving professionals.

Give information about the state of your belongings when they arrived at your new place

Importantly, you should write something more about the state of your items when they arrived at your new home. In case they were in perfect condition, that is in the same condition you packed them, state that clearly in your review. However, if they were broken or damaged in any way, you need to explain that in detail.

A broken vase.

Let the people know if some objects arrived at your new place broken or damaged.

Mention your final costs when you write an informative review for a moving company

Finally, you should state clearly if you had to pay more than planned in the end, or if everything was how you agreed with your movers. Believe us, this will be one of the most important things to read for all the people who are considering hiring a certain moving company for their relocation. One thing is certain, nobody wants to have any expenses that she or he has not planned in advance when preparing for a move. Namely, some moving companies tend to charge more for some services. Also, some tend to charge more if your furniture items were bigger or heavier than they were told. In addition, if the movers had to carry those heavy furniture items from your third floor, they will also charge that. For this reason, you need to be objective. State clearly if you had informed that moving company about the size of all of your furniture items. Moreover, write down if you did not inform them of the number of floors of your place.