Are you moving your house soon and you need to start packing? Most people start to pack a basement or a garage first because there are items they don’t use often. How to tackle the basement when moving house, where to start, and how to pack? Maybe it might seem like a daunting task, especially if your basement is cluttered, but you need to start from somewhere.

Before you tackle the basement when moving house, get rid of unwanted items

Usually, people put in basement items they don’t use often so it is full of unnecessary things. The first step should be decluttering and getting rid of all the items you don’t use anymore. Sort things out, create categories, choose what to move and what to leave. You can also organize a yard sale to sell items you don’t want to move and to earn money. Clearing out the basement is the first step to take, even if you are moving in a hurry

Gather packing supplies

To transport all your belongings, not just items from the basement, you will need packing supplies. Choose the right packing supplies for your move and collect enough moving boxes too. You can buy them or find them for free in supermarkets, ask your friends, etc. if you want to save money on packing supplies. Besides moving boxes, you will need air bubble foil, moving blanket, packing peanuts, tape, moving dolly…So, know how many items you need to move to a new house and gather packing supplies to move the items without damages.

Moving boxes to tackle the basement when moving house.

You must have enough packing supplies and equipment to pack your basement safely and successfully

Start to pack your basement

For packing, you have 2 options – to pack by yourself or to hire professional packers. If you choose to pack by yourself, start earlier because packing may take more time than you think.

  • Ask family to help you out with packing up the basement, this way you will be finished faster.
  • After decluttering, to tackle the basement when moving house, first, pack the small items. For example, pack books, screws, bolts, holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and things similar to that.
  • If you have gym equipment in a basement, prepare and disassemble it before packing. For moving gym equipment, you should hire professionals because it is heavy and large. Having the right moving equipment is a must to avoid injuries.
  • In the end, leave large items such as furniture, especially if you use your basement as an extra space in your house. Protect furniture and other household items and pack them properly.
Drums in a basement.

If your basement is organized and clean, you will need less time to pack it when moving

Expect to spend a little more time to tackle the basement when moving house, especially if you didn’t live there and it has dust and a lot of unnecessary items. Keep in mind that if you move more items, relocation will be more expensive, so don’t pack and move items you do not need.