So, you want to relocate your home gym but you don’t know how? Don’t worry, we got your back. Having a gym at home is a big asset that one can have, especially if it is used to improve health. However, when moving, having a gym can seem like a great liability. Yes, you work out, but having to move all of your machines and contraptions can seem like the most useless exercise ever. Weights are also a big problem when relocating a gym. They are heavy and bulky, and they can take too much weight in your car compared to space. So, if you want to relocate your gym successfully, you should follow the steps in this article. Let’s begin.

Call the moving company before you decide to relocate your home gym

You probably don’t have adequate means of transport for all of your gym equipment. That’s why you need professional help to relocate your sporting equipment. Moving your gym equipment on your own is unwise, and it can lead to injury. And being injured can significantly halt your physical progress. So, do a right thing and relocate your home gym with the professionals.

Relocate your home gym – how to guide

Ensure that everything is clean

If your gym is your office, then your should move it like an office. Before you do anything, clean your gym equipment thoroughly. Sanitize and properly clean every piece of gym equipment you own. You can clean your mats and yoga with paper towels. Use special cleaning products after that for them. If you can’t get one, buy all-natural spray solution. You can clean them with that. You can clean your machines with paper towels also. If you can use half vinegar, half water solution for your gym gear, that should be enough.

Stationary bike

This can seem like an easiest piece of equipment to relocate out of your home gym. And yes, we know it’s for cardio, but stationary bike is a very important piece. For some distances, you can move your stationary bike on your own. If you slide something under your stationary bike, like cardboard, you can move your bike on your own. For stairs and similar obstacles, you’ll need some help. Secure any moving parts with some rope, and remember to lift from legs. You can even use felt gliders which are used when moving furniture. If your bike is an electric one, secure the power chord, and the rest is the same.

Hand weights you'll have to move when it's time to relocate your home gym.

Use smaller boxes for your hand weights.

Hand weights

You need right packing supplies for you hand weights. Use boxes that can withstand weight for your hand weights, dumbbells and barbells. It is better to use many small boxes for them, then few large ones. Large ones cannot stand the weight of those things when combined. If your boxes aren’t strong enough for your weights, use plastic bins for them to ensure that they don’t get out of the box while in transport. Wrap your stuff with some protective material once you found a box that is sturdy enough.

A gym room.

Machines can be quite tricky to move.


Elliptical machines are quite tricky to pack and transport. Because of that, you should disassemble your elliptical machines into smaller pieces. For nuts and bolts use plastic bags that can be sealed. Separate pedals and handlebars with wrench and screwdriver.