Moving is a stressful process. But for children, it can be a nightmare. They are leaving their comfort zones and everybody they are familiar with. They think they will never see their neighbors, classmates and family members again. And, what is worse, they have to prepare for a completely new environment. Many of them start feeling anxiety because they will be the ‘New Kid’ in their new school.  All of these feelings are completely normal. You, as a parent have to make sure to do everything in your power to ease this transition and relocation. Luckily, there are many things that can help you prepare your children for moving. So, if you are interested in how to organize your move, keep on reading.

Have a Family Meeting

Most parents, as well as children, think that having a family meeting before relocating is an unnecessary thing to do. But, they are wrong! Having a family meeting is of key importance when trying to prepare your children for moving. So, order some pizza, or cook some of your children’s favorite meal, call all family members and start talking. In the beginning, this conversation may not go as smoothly as you anticipated. But you have to remain strong and collected. Make sure that your children understand why this move is necessary, and how it will benefit your entire family. Encourage your children to talk. Tell them that they can ask you any questions they want. Communication is the key to a happy family!

A family sitting on a couch - prepare your children for moving

No matter what the reasons for your relocation are, having a conversation about it is the best way to prepare your children for moving.

Discuss and Split the Chores

Another thing that is really important when it comes to moving is involving every household member in it. Children as well. Children like projects. So, if you give them some small tasks like collecting cardboard boxes or packing their toys, clothes, and books, they will actually get excited. You can also tell them to pack their own moving day survival kit. And all those feelings of anxiety will turn into excitement. First, discuss with them about the move, and then tell them how they can help. Leave them in charge of something. That will give them a sense of control. This is the best way to prepare your children for moving. By doing this, you will make this relocation a fun event.

Organize a ‘Goodbye Party’

The most difficult part of moving for children is saying goodbye to all their familiar faces.  It is hard leaving everybody you knew and starting over in some place completely unknown. That is why having a proper goodbye party is a must. If you have smaller children, make this party a fun event. Buy some sodas and snacks and play some fun music. Call everybody forms your child’s class, neighbors and family members. If you have teens, maybe you can leave them in charge of organizing their own party. Set u budget, and let them go shopping. Moreover, encourage your children to exchange their contact information with everybody. It is best to exchange not just phone numbers, but also all the social media accounts like Skype and Facebook. 

Children having fun and looking at a lap top

Sometimes when your children feel lonely, talking to their friends from back home can really change the mood.

Do a Site Visit

Before you move out for good, it would be best to take your children to your new family home, of course, if possible. Sometimes this can be hard, especially if we are talking about international relocations where traveling back and forth can be really expensive. But that will definitely prepare your children for moving. When they see their new city, neighborhood, and home, they will get familiar with it and know what to expect. What is more, that feeling of the unknown will start to disappear. While you are there, try to do some fun stuff to show them that living in your new home can be exciting. For example, you can all go to the beach, have a picnic, visit some local restaurants, visit a par and similar. Also, it would be a good idea to visit your children’s school before their first day. You can talk to the principal, the teacher and your children can start making friends.

Mother and Daughter walking on the beach

Whatever you do, try to make this move fun and exciting thing.

Plan Your New Home Together

Another great thing that will help you prepare your children for moving is planning your new home together. If you visited your new home, or at least if you know the layout of the house or apartment, you can talk about decorating it together. You can search for furniture for example. Children love when they are involved. Also, if there is enough room in your budget, you can allow your children to choose their own furniture and decorations for it. However, if the budget is tight, you can tell them to choose their wall color at least. Also, if you know how much space you can work with, you can tell your children to pack accordingly. That means choosing which toys, books, and clothes to pack and which to leave behind.

After the Move

So, you relocated to your new home, you unpacked and settled in. However, it is not over yet. Your children still need to adjust to their new home. Many experts say that having the same routine as back at home really helps a lot at the beginning. Also, if possible, try to make your children’s room similar to those previous ones. They will feel more comfortable in a familiar setting. And, if they are feeling homesick you can tell them to Skype with their friends. Lastly, make sure that you do something fun in those first days of moving in. It does not have to be anything big. You can simply be touristy, and go sightseeing. Or, you can organize a meet-up with your new neighbors, for example. Hopefully, all of these will help prepare your children for moving.