Storage units are an absolute blessing. I mean, in all honesty, if I didn’t have my storage unit I would probably lose my marbles. You see, I collect MTG (Magic the Gathering) play cards. Over the years you get quite a bit of those. I really mean – quite a bit. Living in a small home with my wife has made it nearly impossible to have a place where I can keep my precious collection. This is where the immense value of having a storage unit comes into play. All of my valuables, plus a few other things I don’t really use that often have a new place to call their home. However, there are downsides to it. It’s not all perfect. There can sometimes be problems when you are trying to organize your storage unit.

At some point, you wish to put everything there. And as soon as you start doing that… Well… It can become troublesome. This is why you need to take some extra efforts in order to organize your storage unit. Easier said than done? Maybe. Especially if you are coupled together with a hoarder. And there are so many things you wish not to throw away, and guess where those end up? In the storage unit, yup. However, it’s not all dark. There are some things you can do in order to organize your storage unit. It will be even easier if you organize the move itself, properly.

Having a good plan is the best way to organize your storage unit

Make sure to create a plan before you move your belongings to storage!

So how would you organize your storage unit?

Organizing this space takes some effort and organization. We will share a few tricks for you to use when organizing this space. Especially if you are sharing the space with someone else. There is going to be some hard work, especially if this space is already a bit unorganized and overpopulated with items. Still, it is far from impossible to fix. If you are doing the space alone, it will be easy to follow the tips. However, if you are sharing the space with a friend or a spouse, be careful. Make sure you are both on board with these tips, because if they are not applied by everyone involved… More mess and confusion can occur. Not to mention arguments.

Do a purge of the place before anything else

It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch. Or you are starting with a storage unit already full of things. You need to say goodbye to all that junk. We mean it! Everything goes. Junk is not only dirt and trash. It’s also the items that you literally never use in your life. It has to go. You do not want to hoard items that you will definitely never use. This is causing a mess and confusion. This is taking place of other items that you are using and that you wish to store there. If you want your move to be done quickly, this is what you need to do.

It may be stressful to finally say goodbye to some things you wished to save. But it is for the greater good. You simply don’t need these things. Get rid of them. You might end up making a few bucks if you decide to have a garage sale. Still, no progress can be made without this beginning. If you are in need of professional junk removal, that is an option too.

Garage sale is a way for you to get some money out of items you do not need anymore

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items and earn money in doing so!

Make an organization plan

Now that you have the first awful thing out of the way you may actually start with the organization. Every master of an organization knows that the route to it is planningPlanning is key. The better you plan out your space the easier your life will be. Now, what does it mean to plan your organization? Well, it is simple. Grab a pen and some paper and we can begin.

The first thing to do is to map out the entire storage unit. Calculate how many square meters it has and draw that many (improvised) square meters on a piece of paper. Once you do so, divide these square meters into portions. Or you can have a moving company organize storage space for you. The way my wife and I do it is simple: 

  • One large portion for me
  • The other large portion for her

Basically, we split the place 50-50. Hopefully, you can reach this understanding with your partner as well. Or better yet, if you are doing it alone… Well, you get a lot of space!

Once space is divided into the two large segments, you begin planning your own space. First, see how much space you are working with. I usually observe it from a point where I try to see how much furniture (read shelves) I am able to squeeze in. The more furniture I squeeze in – the more stuff I will be able to store inside. Divide the remaining squares into ‘standing space’, since you can’t cover everything with furniture. You need to be able to get to the stuff. Usually, the best way to do it is to cover all the walls with shelves and make sure you can stand in between it all. Blessings to those who have enormous storage units! Be warned that there are some things that do not go in a storage unit.

Creating a plan is always a good idea!

Having an organizational plan will make your life much easier!


Finally, get the furniture inside and bring the goodies! Bring everything inside and sort it nicely. Make sure to make one last final clean sweep of the place to remove any dirt, dust or debris. Once all of this is done you have successfully organized your storage unit! See, it was not that hard. Wasn’t that easy either though. You can also check out if you need additional advice!

Make sure to save your storage unit plan. It can be reused countless times and you can create new plans on the go. That is, of course, if your collection grows as fast as mine. Hopefully, it doesn’t. There you go, you now know exactly how to organize your storage unit.

Best of luck!