The moving process can be quite stressful for some people, as it requires patience, time and organization. If you want to move with your pet, you want the relocation process to go as stress-free as possible.

Before You Decide to Move with Your Pet

It’s smart to plan your moving budget months in advance. Don’t forget to include your pet in the budget as well. There’s also some extra effort to be made so that your pet enjoys the moving process as well.

Cat in a bag

Your pet should enjoy the moving process as well

Vet Visit

Now’s the right time for you and your friend to visit your vet. Don’t forget to take your pet’s health records and certificates that you may need in the future. Also, your pet should get one final check-up before the road. You might also want to ask your old vet to recommend a good vet near your new home.

Packing with your Pet

Before packing, you should organize and declutter your home. That will save you the energy and time during the moving process. If you’re packing by yourself, it’s useful to find free moving boxes, to label everything and to choose the packing supplies.

Here you can find some useful packing tips:

  • Bring the boxes earlier. That way your pet can get used to them.
  • Start packing ahead of time in order not to disrupt your cat’s or dog’s routine.
  • You might want to consider hiring the professionals to help you pack. There are reliable moving companies around Chicago that will provide you with a start to finish moving experience, including packing.
  • Moving essentials bag will come in handy during the travel and before you unpack. It should contain things for your pet, too:
    • Pet’s ID and health-related certification, permits, and rabies tags. If you move with your pet, you need to change your pet’s address on your pet’s ID (microchip or collar)
    • Your pet’s favorite toy and blanket
    • Leash and collar
    • Your pet’s bowls, food, and water

Choosing Your New Home

Now that you’ve organized your move, you want your pet to enjoy your new home, just like you. There are several things to take into consideration:

  • Make sure your new place is pet-friendly. If you’re going to live in a house, your dog or a car would enjoy a new backyard.
  • Scout the area around your new place for nice parks or rivers for your pet to enjoy. Also, make sure there’s a good pet nearby, it might come in handy one day.
  • Your new place should be safe for your pet, so tuck away electrical cords and remove any poisonous plants.
A dog and a woman

Move with your pet to a place you’ll both enjoy

The Moving Day

In order to keep your pet as stress-free as possible, find a nice, peaceful place for them, during this day. You can ask your friend to take care of your pet, or you can keep them in your own place, in a separate room. Just remember 3 things: peace and quiet and the daily routine. And of course, your moving essentials kit.

At this stage, your pet should have their own favorite toy or a blanket with them. It’s also very useful to get them familiar with the crate beforehand.
Don’t forget to feed your pet 5-6 hours before the ride, so that they don’t get nauseous.

If You Move with Your Pet by Car

This way will probably be the most comfortable for your cat or dog, as they get to be close to you, in your own vehicle. Make sure to take them for short rides in a crate or a carrier, to allow them to get used to it before the big day. Don’t forget to take regular breaks with your pet.

Dog in a car, a way to move with your pet

If you wish to move with your pet, a car is a good option

If You Move with Your Pet by Airplane

It’s important to find a suitable airline company. If you have a bigger pet, you are also going to need a carrier, as your pet might have to travel in the baggage compartment. Plan to arrive at the airline extra early, to give your pet enough time for potty breaks. You might also need a sedative for your pet.

Settling in

You’ve managed to move safely with your pet, but it’s still not over. It’s probably much easier for you to get back to your daily routine than for your pet. For them, their whole world has changed. You still need to make your new place a new home for your pet.

Moving with your Dog

If you have a dog, you know that they are usually curious and playful creatures. They will feel the most comfortable if you get them familiar with the neighborhood immediately. But make sure to set the boundaries right away. Try to maintain the feeding and walking schedule from your old home. Also, beware of any potentially unfriendly neighborhood dogs. Not all dogs are friendly like your furry friend.

Moving with Your Cat

Cats, however, tend to stray more often and can be more easily frightened. Do not open the carrier right away. It’s best not to let your cat out during the first period of time. Bring them into your new home and gradually get them familiar with your cozy, new place, a room by room. Dedicate a bit of your time to help your cat get accustomed to your new home. Let them explore it on their own terms and learn to love it.

Enjoy Your New Home

Now that you know how to move with pets, you can relax and start to enjoy your new home, too. Don’t forget that our pets can easily sense if we’re anxious and that they can pick up our own energy. If you ever get lonely, your pet is right there for you, by your side. After all, this is a new, clean slate for you. Now, you get to build your new home with your old friend, is there anything better than that?