Relocating an office space requires patience, organization, and preparation, mainly if you are not the only employee and you need to take care of co-workers and to organize them too. Starting a business at a different location is already very stressful. Do not make it more difficult than it is. Move an office by following these tips and your relocation is going to be much easier.

Make a list of all the tasks you (and your team) must do before and after the relocation. Write down every detail, and you won’t forget anything. Planning your move is better and easier with a checklist. If it is a long-distance office move, the list will be longer, but it is not impossible to accomplish. Some people have an office space in their home, so if you need to move your home too, start early because you will have a lot of work to do.

A man writing down a moving plan

Make a plan and create a checklist

Move an office and make a plan

The first step to take to organize your move is to plan everything in advance. Start planning early and do not waste your time, and time of employees too. When you need to move an office, take it seriously and gather a team. It will be more comfortable with help, so do not plan alone. Moving an office space requires a good plan, especially if it is not just one small office and you need to move the entire floor. Notify employees about changing the location. Set the budget for office moving. Make sure you have the list of all costs. Costs from packing supplies to buying/renting a new office space.

Find a new location

A new office location is crucial for the business (probably the most important). First, think what the reason for your office move is. Choosing a new place to depend on do you need a bigger or smaller space or you need more accessible access to your target consumer market. Keep in mind that offices in “busy locations” cost more.

You and your management team should determine what a new office space requires. Maybe even a new staff together with new office space. Search for a storage unit if you need it and after that organize your storage unit. Hire a broker to find you a perfect location on the budget. Compare different options and choose the best one. Also, discuss with your team about possible locations, maybe they know where to move an office. Try to stay in the budget and not to pick the most expensive option.

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Finding a new office location is one of the most critical tasks

Hire a moving company to move an office

Hiring a moving company for an office move is a big responsibility. A mover you will hire must be reliable, reputable, and it must have experience with moving offices and know to handle the office equipment. You may search for moving companies by yourself, or someone from your team, who you can trust, can do it. In both cases, researching is a must.

  • A moving company has to have a license and insurance. You never know what kind of issues can occur when moving.
  • Businesses are moving a lot, so check with your colleagues if someone knows a good moving company.
  • Moving companies that are specialized for office moves often can offer you a move manager. A move manager will organize the entire moving process.
  • If you want an affordable move, try to negotiate and offer some of your business services to movers.

ABC Moving Systems is one of the companies that provide the service of office moving. If you did not find a mover yet, start with searching immediately and book a move.

Involve the entire team in the process

Each employee should pack personal items and items in her/his office. So, notify them about the moving date and assign them to clean their own desk. Besides that, ask them to help you organize a move. Doing everything by yourself is hard. Someone can call clients to notify them about moving, and someone can research a moving company. Try to be a team and moving will be successful.

Pack office supplies

Pack office equipment and documents. Before that decide what to move and what to donate or sell. Many organizations buy office equipment and furniture. Desks, chairs, printers, etc. If you (and your team) will pack without a moving company, choose the right packing supplies for your move and secure items. Start with packing items you do not need before moving. Separate documents and put them in files. Label each box after you packed it.

The safest option for packing is to hire packing services. Professionals will pack everything fast so that you can focus on other moving tasks. If your budget allows you to hire a full-service moving company, hire them. It is essential if you need to pack and move the entire floor with a lot of equipment and furniture.

Change business address

Do not forget to change all your documents that have an old address. Update your paperwork and the office information on the web page too. You can make the team to do this vital task before moving. If the address and the rest of the data are not done, you may lose clients. That is the last thing you need.

A team meeting to move an office

Make sure all the paperwork is done for your office move

Notify people about office moving

Notify all your clients that you are changing the location, especially if they are shipping products to your business. All the suppliers and clients must be notified about this change, or you may lose them. Furthermore, make a contact list, and your business can operate during the moving process too. In conclusion, it requires a lot of work to move an office. However, after the procedure is over, be sure to celebrate the successful move with your co-workers.