The international shipping of different items is a complex thing. You have to pay attention to dozens of details in order to successfully ship your goods. Even though Saudi Arabia is among the leaders in international trade, there are still some baffling regulations. Similarly, customs regulations in several countries are still way too strict. Which makes it imperative to find good customs clearance agents in Saudi Arabia. They can help overcome the language and law barriers and assure the efficient transportation of your goods.

Looking for good customs clearance agents in Saudi Arabia

When dealing with authorities, oftentimes you get the feeling they are way too strict. That is simply because they are following the law. And any kind of mistake in the documentation is certainly not making the procedure easier. To overcome this kind of problem, it’s probably best to hire a customs clearing agent. That’s why many international companies like Four Winds SA are providing this type of service. With the help of professionals, you can avoid any unnecessary costs and delay to your business.

Consequences for not obeying the law

With hardly any exemptions, all items, entering or leaving the country, must pass the customs procedures. Different countries have different procedures, and depending on the country, different penalties can be imposed if any violation occurs. From simple investigation to fines, and in some cases even imprisonment. Sounds drastic but it’s the only way to lawfully control transportation over land, air, or sea.

Tank wagon carrying unknown fluid.

Some hazardous material requires special ways of transportation.


The documentation you need

In order to successfully transport your goods, you have to be in the possession of several documents. Some of the most important are:

  • Certificate of Origin and the Arabic translation of the document
  • Saudi Arabian Customs Invoice for imports, also with a translation
  • Certificate of Conformity (CoC) of the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO)
  • Bill of Lading or Airway Bill
  • Two copies of the EIS (Export Information Sheet)

To make dealing with the documentation easy, you should always aim for hiring local experts in the matter. Not only everything is going to be smoother but you are also eliminating additional risk. Simply put, facilitate shipping container contents to India with some professional assistance, so you can focus on other important tasks.

Local people in SA serving tea.

Locals are already familiar with all the regulations.


What to look for when searching for customs clearance agents in Saudi Arabia?

First of all, you are looking for experience and certification. Highly knowledgeable local agents are best because they are already familiar with the law. In Saudi Arabia, it’s perfectly normal that regulations differ between cities. Even with the perfect knowledge of the language and laws, foreign agents might have a hard time adjusting to this. Also, not every company offers the same service, so it’s important to see which one will suit your business the best. Relevant customs information, tracking and reporting, additional services, and efficient reaction to different situations is of great value here. The knowledge of benefits and restrictions as well. After all, they are completing the declaration on your behalf, so there is no space for errors.

With good customs clearance agents in Saudi Arabia, you can be sure your goods are in safe hands. Whether it is your personal possession when relocating, or inventory and goods when doing business. Getting professional help is the safest way to complete the task.