Relocation is the perfect chance to organize and clean your home. It has a number of benefits, so it’s important to take this task seriously. Even though it seems like an extra step, it can make the moving process much simpler and cheaper. Here are the best ways to clean and declutter your home and organize your relocation.

Reasons to declutter your home

Organizing your home before you move has a couple of benefits. Getting rid of the items you no longer need is great because:

  • you’ll make more space in your new home – once you get rid of the items you no longer need, you’ll have more space in your new home. It will be a fresh start so you can buy new items and decorate your new home the way you like it.
  • there will be fewer items to pack – this means less packing supplies, more time and energy!
  • lower moving costs – with fewer moving boxes, you can significantly decrease the moving expenses.

How to declutter your home

Be sure to start on time

If you have a bigger home, it’s best to start on time with all the decluttering. Doing everything just before the move is one of the common moving mistakes. Preparing for the move on time means you’ll do everything carefully and really make good choices.

calendar to declutter your home

Are you ready to move?

Decide what you really need

When you want to declutter your home, make sure you are realistic about it. DOn’t stay too long on the memory lane, but be systematic and fast about deciding what goes to your new home with you. To make sure you don’t need an item, ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If it was more than two or three years ago – you can definitely let it go. Also be sure to get rid of the damaged and broken items, as well as duplicates. Make sure you leave only the items you really use and that make your home beautiful and cozy. For example, if you have valuable art pieces, consider shipping art internationally instead of giving them away.

Don’t throw everything away

Once you declutter your home and separate the things you no longer need – you may wonder what to do with all these things. To deal with the unnecessary items, you can always:

  • donate – think if any of the items could be used by someone in need. These include clothes, canned food, school supplies, etc. Furthermore, you can give books to a library or a book charity.
  • sell – you can make some money when you declutter your home. Items that are in good condition can be sold on a garage sale or online.
  • recycle – don’t simply throw away items you don’t use. You can recycle some of them and save the environment. Other items that are damaged and unusable should definitely go to the bin.
messy desk - declutter your home

Make sure to be systematic when you decide to declutter your home – start room by room and take your time

Be systematical

Since decluttering can take away a lot of your time and energy, you may want to give up in the middle of the process. Therefore, try to be systematical and declutter room by room, each weekend for example. Also, you can ask your friends to help you out and make the whole process enjoyable and fun.