Moving is part of life. Some people move ones in their life some people never, but some twice a year. Military families move a lot (more than usual), but why and how people handle it? How kids respond to that is is hard to them too? How to manage all that stress and always be ready to change a location? These worries are usual and normal if you are in the military or your partner is.

A permanent change of station, often called PCS, is moving in military language. Some people in the military change their station ones a year, some, ones in three years. It does not have rules and depends on the branch of service. Usually, it is ones in a few years. It can be moving abroad or inside of the USA. Yes, it can be stressful and very difficult, but you must be prepared and know it is part of the military.

Moving with the military that often sounds expensive. It can be, to be honest. But, the military will cover most of the moving costs, so you do not have to worry about that too. But, on the other hand, the US government sometimes does not reimburse you quickly enough, that can be a problem. Having PCS savings is the best option if you need to move on short notice and the government can pay everything on time.

Moving sign yellow sticker for military families move.

If you or your spouse is in the military, be ready for moving, more than usual.

Why military families move that often?

Now when you know how often do military families move, the next question is why?  Military members need to move to develop and learn their skills and try different training. Also, there is an emotional detachment to a team. It is always a better option to change your environment and meet new military members. The military is centered on teamwork, and there is no place for “I”. So, this way people will prevent emotional attachment to their team and also develop new important skills. Moving does not have to be that stressful if you have moving services for military personnel who can handle the entire process of a move. They understand military needs and the stress they are going through. Having a good moving service is highly recommended.

A soldier and a dog.

It is hard to move and to change your homes that much.

Things to know about military families

Being a military member is special. Moving is just one part of that job. Preparing for long-distance relocation, leaving your home, kids will change their school and friends often, etc. If it is a new experience for you, then you should know how to handle this lifestyle.

Soldiers entering a plane.

Being a military member is not easy. For you as a member and for your family too.

  • Sometimes a military member must move alone without a family, for example to Iraq. But, with all those phone apps and social media, you can talk to each other every day. It is much easier than 50 years ago.
  • More than 2 million kids in the USA have a parent who is in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  • Military families move every 2,5 year (it is the average period of time).
  • Sometimes both parents are in the military.
  • Kids change their schools about 7 times if their parent(s) are in the military.
  • Military families need to give up their dog because of their often move.
  • If your spouse is in the military, your career will be difficult. You will move a lot, so finding and having a full-time job is hard.
  • Even besides a lot of moving, stress, problems, divorce is not that often. Civil couples divorce more than military couples.
  • Military children want to join the military more than civil kids.

The impact on your kids

Often moving have an impact on kids. They will change school, friends, environment, home, weather, teachers, schedules, activities, routines, sometimes they will no with their parent a few months or the entire year, etc. Turn the situation on your side and stay positive. Everything in life has cons and pros. Your kids will have more experience and will meet more people than civil kids. Many schools have a program for kids that move a lot in order to help them cope and to handle the situation as an adult would.

A soldier with two kids.

Be with your kids as much as you can, and try to explain the situation to them.

Finding a moving service for military move

Moving that often can be very boring, difficult, and stressful. Especially moving with kids and a large family. One of the ways you can make a little bit easier moving is to find a moving company that fits you. If you are satisfied with their service, hire them for the next moving too. Moving of America – NJ Movers are one of the companies you should hire now and in the future.

Moving service for military families move.

Ones you have found a good and affordable moving company, do not change them. Hire them for your future moving too.

In most cases, when hiring a company for a military move, there are some discounts. So, your moving will be more affordable. Use all the advantages of a military move if you can. Military families move a lot, it is frustrating to search for a new company all over again. Every time you change your station. Find one that is the best, and see what they can offer you as a military member. Especially if you are moving overseas (for example Germany, Kuwait, Balkan, Iran, etc). Even with all those home changing and stress, being a military member has a lot of advantages.