Even if this was actually true, you would agree that every moving scenario is unique and has its own characteristics. Moving abroad is very different from moving down the street or across town. As it is moving a couple of pieces of furniture different from moving your entire household. Relocations can vary from situation to situation, and it will be dependent on your needs and requirements. That is why you have to plan every step of the way, even if it is a small move.

Few examples of a small move are:

•    College dorm room move

•    Studio or one-bedroom apartment move

•    Moving a couple of streets away

•    Moving only a couple of items

Hire a moving company for a small move

The first way to handle your move with ease is to hire professional movers to do the heavy lifting for you. You are likely to hire local movers for your studio or small apartment. It is more efficient to have professionals move your things because they will do it in a timely manner. You may think professional movers are not your fit, you can then hire labor workers to help you with the lifting.

White trailer truck on a concrete road
Hire a moving company to do the heavy lifting

Moving using a car

Oftentimes, a small move can be accomplished by loading items in your car. This means moving only a carload of belongings. Moving with your car can not only be the cheapest way to move, but it gives you the flexibility to do it in your free time. You have absolute control over the whole timeline, especially if you need to move out quickly.

Moving with a small rental truck

Small moves can be done using a small rental truck or a trailer attachment. Because of their size, they can handle one to two-bedroom moves. If you are not moving large furniture items, you can easily fit your stuff into a small truck or a trailer.

Be careful with fragile items

Do you plan to move fragile things? If so, putting stuff in the back of your car just to save money is not going to do any good. Unless you make sure you’ve wrapped them good and packed them so that the possibility to break is minimal.

Sorted glass bottles
Pack your fragile items properly

A small move requires planning a budget

Whether it is a small or larger move, it will depend on what you can afford. Those who are on a tight budget should consider using their car, even if that includes going twice. Of course, if your new home is not so far away. For those of you who have a more flexible budget, you can always consider hiring professional movers.

Final word

You have a couple of options when you need to handle a small move. To do it on your own and save yourself some money or to hire help. Not everyone is willing to put the time and effort to carry out the relocation on their own – no matter how small the move is. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional moving companies that can do it efficiently and on schedule. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what options fit your needs best.