Just like every other service and resource, moving service is also negotiable. If you know how to play right, you can get a great deal on your international move. Apart from that, it also guarantees your smooth and successful international relocation. But, how can you negotiate with movers? How can you get a good moving quote and save hundreds of dollars on your relocation endeavor? Well, these guidelines for negotiating with international moving companies can help you achieve this.

Negotiating with international moving companies – Make sure they are reliable

You should know that moving scams are a common thing. So, you must be extra careful when selecting an international moving company. First, learn how to find a reliable moving company and then enter negotiations. There are numerous international moving companies around the world. Most of them are professionals, but, there is still a huge number of fraudulent ones. So, to avoid scammers, you must do a background check. You’ll mostly have to rely on the internet since you’re moving internationally. 

Globe World Moving International - Guidelines for negotiating with international moving companies
Guidelines for negotiating with international moving companies can help a lot.

For checking a US-based moving company, use the BBC and FMCSA sites. To check movers from other countries, you must find local websites and forums. The best thing to do is to ensure that the movers you plan to hire are a member of international moving associations. Finally, when you are assured that the company is reliable, start your negotiations.

Compare moving company quotes

When you are preparing for your international relocation, you’ll need to ask a moving company to provide their estimate. But, are you aware of how much does it cost to hire movers? Well, first, make sure you get an accurate estimate. You can do that by contacting movers and asking for a moving quote. They should send a representative to your home to estimate the size and weight of your moving inventory. Only this way, you can get a precise estimate and take a seat at the negotiation table. Another thing to follow here is to get and compare at least 3 estimates. When you have multiple estimates from different movers, you have more bargaining power.

When negotiating with international moving companies, think about additional fees 

A thing you should watch out for when you negotiate with international moving companies is additional fees. Moving companies give an accurate estimate but, if something unexpected happens, they can charge you more than what you agreed. So, make sure everything that they charge is declared in the contract. Here are some situations you should know:

  • Movers can change their price if they need to relocate your belongings to a longer distance than expected.
  • In some cases, movers need to carry your items from high floors, you have heavy lift cargo, or they can’t come close to your home with the truck. This will make your moving feeds rise. So, when negotiating, make sure that the moving company is aware of everything.
  • Movers may need to disassemble and assemble furniture. If that happens, they will charge you extra.
Agree Negotiating Handshake
Use your negotiating skills and get the best deal with the movers.

Guidelines for negotiating with international moving companies – In conclusion

At the and, for your international relocations 101, make sure you use your negotiation skills as your secret weapon. You can negotiate with moving companies, so be free to do it.

Usually, the majority of relocating organizations would lower the price than lose clients. So, negotiate because you’ve got nothing to lose. Try to reach an arrangement that will be beneficial to both parties. Good luck.