Pennsylvania can offer you a lot of senior communities in many towns. This can be a great place for retirement, this state has a significant senior population for a reason. Soon enough we will discover all the great cities that are senior-friendly in this state. Maybe you will find just the right one for you to spend your retirement here. Thus, here is our detailed guide to senior communities in Pennsylvania.

Cities in Pennsylvania with great senior communities

Here is a list of few great cities with senior communities in Pennsylvania. Of course, there are plenty more and if you don’t feel like any of the following four are up to your taste you can do more research and find a better fit. But first, give them a chance. They all are great for seniors and very popular amongst retirees. Before you start searching, find out what is important for you? How do you rank cities and where to look for a perfect neighborhood? Here is a common thing people search for while looking for a new place to relocate:

  • safety (crime rates)
  • costs of real estate
  • costs of life ( like grocery costs, etc )
  • location
  • transportation
  • neighbors
  • proximity to hospitals and pharmacies
  • proximity to chosen communities ( senior communities )
  • senior villages
An elderly couple walking.

Let’s pick a great place for you.


This is the most popular place for senior citizens. Especially popular are senior living communities like:

  • Deer Meadows Retirement Community
  • Oakwood Residence
  • Holy Redeemer Lafayette
  • Wesley Enhanced Living Burholme
  • The Terrace at Chestnut Hill

Also, retirement villages are quite popular these days. There are just many benefits like low maintenance living. Also, you will no longer have gardening chores and they help a lot with home chores. Those villages are purpose-built, the homes are specifically designed to be easily maintained. They even have a lot of common areas that are looked after by the operator. This city offers seniors programs that are offered for low-income seniors government benefit programs, Medicare (medical care program for senior citizens), financial help of some sort, home care, for some they even grant for paying for medications or other bills if they can’t afford them.

AN elderly lady

This just might be the best place for seniors.


You must be over the age of 65 in Pittsburg to be considered a senior citizen. You will be able to get tax help after that age in this city. But they are also doing a lot to improve the education of their senior citizens. They are offering courses and some schools for free. There is also plenty of senior living communities. If that is not to your liking, you can buy a place of your own and join some great senior groups this city can offer you. Housing prices here are fairly reasonable. A steady economic increase is what keeps housing prices and the cost of living under control in this town.


In Lancaster residents over the age of 55 can benefit from a variety of activities and programs this city has to offer. In order to participate in any kind of senior activities, you must show a Lancaster Senior Photo ID card. When looking for retirement-friendly cities, Lancaster is high on the list simply because of its excellent healthcare, housing affordability, and accessible location. There is so much to do here, this city attracts people of all ages, but the area is especially great for senior citizens. They have great senior communities.


This city is on Lake Erie, which means you can find some amazing senior walking groups near to get your exercise by the lake. This city is overall a pretty nice place to live. Housing prices along with the costs of living aren’t very high. The lake is of course the main attraction. For seniors, there are many communities to choose from.

Two seniors playing chess in one of the senior communities in Pennsylvania.

You can find many activities here.

How to choose the best among senior communities in Pennsylvania?

When choosing the right senior community, look at the benefits. Wellness opportunities, life enrichment progress, and age-appropriate nutrition are important factors. You are looking for a support system but proper care and socialization are equally important. Retirement villages are becoming very popular these days. Philadelphia is the city to look for if you want to live in a retirement village, and if that sort of thing looks best for you professionals can ease the whole process of relocation for you. All you need to do is give them a call.


Relocation can be hard even for young and strong people. You shouldn’t do it on your own. Not where there are teams of professionals like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you out and make this easy and quick. They can even offer you some additional services like packing. They are also quite had when it comes to unpacking and settling in.

Your household items

If you are worried about all the household items you acquired over the years – don’t worry they can come with you. Of course, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to declutter a bit before you start packing (or hire movers to that for you). Getting rid of the items you don’t need or use can make this whole process easier.

If you do decide to downsize (it’s easier to keep up with the smaller place) or move into one of the great senior communities or villages you will be needing storage, Portable storage can be the best solution. This is both a practical and cost-effective solution for all your household items. Make sure to talk to your movers about this. They will explain you more about this service.

Fitting in and adapting

Fitting in shouldn’t be hard. Senior communities are designed specifically for people over 60 or 65 years to fit here comfortably. As soon as you get into a new routine you will feel great. Also, you will meet a lot of new friends with similar interests, and socialization with people that have the same interest as you can be great for your mood. Of course, relocation can be hard for some. Especially if you are moving from a different climate. There will be some adjustments but those things should not be rushed. Take your time and enjoy the whole process.