If you’re moving soon, you’re probably wondering what you should do first to start the moving process. Very often, long-distance moves bring stress to the people, especially when they’re moving with large families. That’s why reading a proper guide is something to start with. We prepared a set of tips on organizing a long-distance move in Florida so you can get familiar with all the steps in the moving process. This way you ill be prepared for this adventure and manage all the tasks much faster. Let’s start!

Sit down and plan your long-distance move in Florida

No matter how much time you have left, making a solid plan is something you should always do when organizing a long-distance move in Florida. The reason is simple – the organization requires planning beforehand. An organized move by days or weeks will ensure you don’t leave too much work until the last couple of days. Instead, you’ll do everything on time. This way you will feel less tired and also minimize the stress as much as possible. Make a moving timeline – tasks you need to do by weeks, and tick them off as you finish. There’s a lot to do – finding a home away from Miami, finding a moving company, packing, saying goodbye to Apart from using a good old paper and pen, try using your mobile phone – there are various moving apps that can help you organize or a simple to-do list will do as well. 

a person writing plans about the long-distance move in Florida

Make sure you plan and organize your long-distance move in Florida on time.

Set the moving date and hire a reliable moving pros

To start packing for your long-distance move in Florida, it’s necessary to know the moving date. If you’re flexible with the date of your relocation, you can reduce your moving costs by picking an off-season date. Also, picking a date on time will give you more dates to choose from, as well as the choice of reliable moving companies. 

Hiring a trustworthy moving team

Finding a reliable moving pro shouldn’t be underestimated. Even though the majority of moving companies in Florida are great, you should always be careful when hiring someone and trusting them with your belongings. For example, if leaving Tampa, finding experienced professionals in that region is a much safer option. The local companies know the area very well, so they will help you relocate much faster. There are several ways you’ll know you’re dealing with a trustworthy professional:

  • there are many positive reviews – however, there are no fake ones. Fake comments are usually overly positive, written using natural language, etc.
  • you’ve heard of them when talking to the people you know.
  • their online presentation is convincing and professional – good companies invest in a high-quality website with all the necessary information, clear contact info, additional blog articles, etc. 
  • the presentation of their moving estimate is clear, without any hidden costs, vague explanations, etc. 
  • it’s easy to locate their office – contact information should be easy to find on the website and you should easily contact the company via phone or in-person – not only by email.
  • the pricing is not ‘out there’ – pricings that are way too low compared to the average prices should be suspicious and usually lead to moving scams. Also, you should know that too expensive pricings don’t always include top-quality services. Make sure you compare a couple of moving estimates so you can be aware of the average pricing. 

Finding someone you can trust is essential when organizing a long-distance move in Florida

Prepare your home for the move

There are certain things you should do before you start to pack. Here’s what you should do to prepare your home for leaving. 


Every home has unnecessary items that piled up over the years. Clutter is eating up space in your home and requires more energy and time when the time comes to relocate. Therefore, make sure you declutter your home completely before the move and get rid of all the items you no longer need. Old papers, damaged clothes, outdated cosmetics, and food – once you toss these away you can see how your packing process becomes more organized and easier. However, if there are some items that you don’t need but are still in good condition – try selling them on the internet on in a garage sale. 


It’s necessary to clean both the old and new home thoroughly before moving. Since it takes time and energy, you can always take professional cleaning services. This way you’ll give yourself time to focus on other moving tasks. Also, don’t forget to think about the global pandemic that’s happening this year. When organizing a long-distance move in Florida, make sure everything is clean and sanitized, especially the items you touch multiple times. Focus on cleaning the doors, handles, stair rails, and other ‘critical’ points in the house. 

Packing tips for a long-distance move in Florida

When it comes to moving things long-distance, the focus should be on safety – both for you and your items. You can protect yourself from common moving injurious and other problems by hiring a moving pro to move your home. State to State Move will take care of everything without you hurting yourself with all the heavy furniture and moving boxes. 

Next, packing your items securely is another important point of the move. You can always take professional packing services, but also pack the items by yourself. If you decide to DIY, here are some great moving tips to help you out:

  • make the inventory list of your belongings – you can take pictures of your items and have the proof of the number and the condition of the belongings right in your phone.
  • prepare all the necessary supplies – using the inventory list, ensure you gather all the necessary packing supplies. Boxes, packing protection, tape, scissors, and markers/stickers for labeling will do the work. Also, don’t forget additional face masks and gloves – get a couple of these so you can replace them if they get dirty or damaged.
  • don’t overpack the boxes – to ensure the safety of your items, use more medium-sized boxes, and don’t overpack them. They will be easier to carry, but you will also minimize the risk of them opening and breaking everything inside.
  • label each box with your name, address, and contents. Furthermore, if you’re moving into a bigger home, labeling the boxes with the room they should go to will save you a lot of time. The movers will know exactly where to put these boxes, without making a mess in the central hallway or in the living room of your new house.
house keys

Moving into a new home is exciting, but it can be challenging, too!

In the end

When organizing a long-distance move in Florida, there’s a lot of things to do. And that can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to take care of yourself during the moving process. Eat and sleep well, and make sure you have enough energy for the challenging days that are coming. Good luck!