Living in NYC is most people’s dream, but most homes do not have a backyard, and apartments are small. This should not be a problem to create your small garden inside your NYC apartment. If you are living in Forest Hills, Queens (which is part of New York City) and you are considering making an indoor garden after moving there, you will need some tips. How to make a garden inside your new apartment, what plants are better for the inside, why should you have plants, etc.

How to transport your plants to a new home in Forest Hill?

If you already have indoor plants, then try to pack and move them to your new apartment in Forest Hills. How to transport your plants when moving to Big Apple?

  • If you are not from New York, know state guidelines because some states have ruled and regulations when it comes to importing plants.
  • Know about growing conditions before making an indoor garden in your new apartment. If you are moving long-distance (for example from Florida where is hot and sunny), keep in mind that the weather in NY is different.
  • Organize relocation for your plants because they need enough air and light during transportation.
  • Pack plants and get the right material for packing. Materials used for packing are easy to find, so don’t use materials that won’t protect the plants. You will need plastic containers to re-pot the plants, a sturdy moving box for each pot, potting soil, packing paper, plastic bags, flea collars.
Making an indoor garden in a sun room.

An indoor garden will decorate your place

Hiring a moving company to transport your plants safely to Forest Hills

Find a company that is specialized in moving plants because they are not simple to move. They need special conditions while moving or they won’t survive the trip. One of the companies that have experience with those types of moves is Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYCYou should research moving companies from NYC because they are already familiar with the area.

Making an indoor garden in your new Forest Hills home

Forest Hills is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for families and it has beautiful apartments. Bu every space is more beautiful where there are plants. They are decoration and smell incredible. Some of the benefits of indoor gardening are:

  • You can garden all year no matter if it is summer or winter
  • You can save money by not buying herbs for making food
  • Eating healthy and organic food
  • The apartment will look more beautiful and colorful

When having your garden, fresh herbs will always be part of your meals

Questions to ask before you make an indoor garden

Before you start working on your indoor garden in a new apartment, there are some problems to solve and decisions to make.

  • Where will you grow your indoor garden, in what room? How much space do you need for your plants? Make sure to have enough light in the area where your plants will be. If your new apartment has a sunroom, that is the perfect spot for gardening.
  • What will you grow – what plants? Herbs, flowers…it also depends on the weather. Not all plants can survive in NYC because winters are cold.
  • Where will you grow your garden in, containers, or constructing an indoor trellis or you can grow your plants vertically in a living wall? There are a lot of options to consider.
  • How will you get enough light for your garden? Some house plants don’t need too much light, but for some plants, you may consider installing light bulbs. It depends on the plant.
  • How will your garden get nutrients – from the soil they’re planted in or from nutrient-rich water?
  • Know how often to water the plants, because some plants need water every day, while others once a week, for example. If you are traveling a lot, maybe gardening is not the best option.

If you are yet to move there, first consider do you have enough time after moving for making an indoor garden in your new Forest Hills apartment. They require time and attention. But, it is worth it. Gardening is relaxing and healthy, it is a type of therapy. Moving can be so stressful, and gardening is one of the things that will help you get rid of negative energy.

Make the right conditions in your new apartment for plants

After moving to a new place in Forest Hills, furnish it and decorate it. And then it is time to make sure is your new apartment good for plants. The size does not matter if you are moving into NYC small apartment because you can grow herbs in your kitchen and they don’t require a lot of space.

If you don’t have enough light, there are a couple of bulbs you can use, such as High-Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide bulbs. When it comes to temperature, for most indoor plants, the temperature between 65-75°F is fine. Make sure it is not too cold or too hot. Air humidity is also a thing to measure. For indoor gardeners in NYC is can be very challenging. If the humidity is low, leaves will turn brown or the plant will lose leaves. To avoid this, mist plants daily and place a tray of water near your garden.

NYC street.

NYC is a concrete jungle, it would be nice to have your peace in a new apartment there


You need time and patience for making an indoor garden, but on the other hand, there are a lot of benefits. Living in NYC is fast and stressful, gardening may be a thing that will calm you down. After moving to Forest Hills, Queens, make a paradise from your new apartment and enjoy it.