Midtown is one of the most popular neighborhoods of Manhattan. It is like the center of Manhattan. Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Terminal, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, Broadway…it is all located here. If you want to visit Manhattan or to move here for good, you should know some fun facts about Midtown, Manhattan. There are many because this part of The City has a long history and many interesting stories to tell.

Why is Midtown so popular?

Midtown is home to almost 75,000 people and many young professionals live here. Yes, rents are high and you will probably need to learn how to live in a smaller apartment if you choose to live here, but it all has its own advantages. Here, moving to a small apartment is part of the lifestyle.

Times square has many fun facts about Midtown.

Explore Midtown and other parts of Manhattan too

Nightlife is of course, amazing. Midtown Manhattan has everything, it never sleeps and it is always loud and crowded. All tourists are coming here when they are visiting NYC.

Some fun facts about Midtown

Manhattan is fun to explore. You can not get bored here. Always is something happening, the streets are always full of people from all around the world, it has many places you should see.

  • Grand Central Terminal is at 42nd Street because, in 1854, the city banned locomotives south of 42nd Street
  • Catch a run of green lights if you drive at the right speed, but not so many people are driving here
  • There’s a 6 ½ Avenue in Midtown
  • NYC used to have a lot more trains before
  • The total population has fallen by about 25%. Before 100 years, density was higher
  • If people lived as densely as they do here, the entire human race could fit in New Zealand, for example
  • Central Park became the first landscaped public park in an American city

Also, if this place becomes your home, consider hiring local movers because they already know this area well. And have a lot of experience. The streets here are very busy and it is not easy to drive a truck here. 

Moving to Midtown

If you want to be part of this vibrant city every day, then moving here is one of the options to consider. The median rent is around $2,600, which is not the most affordable, but you need to be prepared for higher costs of living. To move here stress-free, you should hire a professional moving company from NYC. Note that Divine Moving and Storage is one of the companies to consider because they have a wide range of services to offer to clients.

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station is located here in Midtown

If you are moving to Manhattan with kids, search for the best NYC neighborhoods for families, and Midtown may be one of them because schools here are highly rated, the park is near, and it is very family-friendly. You can learn fun facts about Midtown after moving there too. Alone, with your family or with your friends from this city. Have fun and enjoy some of the best places in the world.