Are you moving to a new home? Do you need to transfer all of your belongings and you need assistance? If you do, you will probably search for a quality moving company for your relocation. However, there are numerous fraudulent movers out there posing as reliable ones. Using unreliable moving service can lead to a lot of problems and loss of your belongings or money. That is why you should be careful when hiring any moving company for your relocation. But don’t be afraid. Use our guide and recognize fraudulent movers without difficulty.

How fraudulent movers operate?

Recognizing a quality moving company is not hard. However, recognizing unreliable movers can be quite difficult if you are not a professional mover. Fraudulent use specific techniques to trick honest people into giving them their belongings. They can be quite skillful in their dealings, and you may not know that you are being scammed until its too late. Fraudulent movers operate with a goal to get your valuables and leave without a trace. On the other hand, they may hold your belongings hostage until you pay a substantial amount of money. It may seem unbelievable, but fraudulent movers try to profit whenever they can. Scam artists tend to be quite polite until they get a hold on your belongings. That is when the situation changes. Their goal is to get as much money as they can and make a profit while you stress out and agree to their terms.


Fraudulent use specific techniques to trick honest people into giving them their belongings.

It may seem difficult, but fraudulent movers and scam artists are easy to spot. If you know where to look and what to pay attention to, you can be certain that you will avoid fraudulent movers altogether. They all use similar tactics when they are doing a scam. If you know how they operate it will be silly not to notice their scam. Keep reading and find out about the most important things you should pay attention to. And keep in mind that you don’t require a lot of skill to find out that you are dealing with a scam artist or an unreliable mover.

How to recognize fraudulent movers?

As we said, fraudulent movers use various tactics to get their way. However, there are general similarities to what they do. Scam artists act in similar ways. You can recognize their familiar patterns. Unreliable movers will usually:

  • Avoid giving much information about their company. Fraudulent movers usually provide vague and superficial information. They use generic terms when talking to potential clients. They avoid giving out the full name of their company. On the other hand, they tend to talk about the service you need, not the company itself.
  • Make deals over the prone. Fraudulent movers also tend to organize the move over the phone. If you ask them for an estimate of the moving costs for your relocation, they will probably give you the estimate over the phone. Also, fraudulent movers won’t ask you to visit their official office space. They usually don’t have one. And there are all the common excuses – we are expanding or renovating our office, etc.

Reliable movers will not offer to transport just anything, specifically not hazardous materials.

  • Don’t provide reliable information. Most fraudulent movers will avoid talking about their business. But also, they will avoid giving you important information about their company address or their license number. Keep in mind that every reliable moving company will be happy to provide this information in order to attract new business. Meanwhile, with fraudulent movers, it’s the opposite. So, if you feel that the person on the other and of the line is holding back on important information, try to find another reliable moving company for your move. Reliable movers will always give you all the information you need.

Other things fraudulent movers will do

Other than providing a false sense of security and a professional approach, fraudulent movers also withhold information. However, you can spot a moving scam from a mile away if you know other aspects of a moving scam. Fraudulent moving companies usually:

  • Move all of your belongings. It is common knowledge that scam artists will agree to move all of your belongings with no questions asked. However, this action will show their real intentions. Every reliable mover will tell you that the company cannot transport all of your belongings by law. Some of those items require a special license or specific moving arrangements. Moving companies will be upfront about this aspect of their move. Reliable moving companies will give you the list of belongings that are forbidden for transport and advise not to pack those items.
  • Don’t have an online presence. Fraudulent movers usually don’t have a quality online presence. While every reliable moving company in the world will try to advertise and get more clients, fraudulent movers avoid the internet. They may have an add or another advertising trick to get a customer, but they don’t have official online websites. Keep in mind that quality movers with experience will try their best to provide as much information as they can about their business and services. Reliable movers will also have reliable reviews on most popular sites. However, fraudulent moving companies may not. So, if you see a moving company with an add or two without an official web page or the company address, be aware of moving fraud.


    You should ask the movers you like for a quote and see if they offer a moving contract for you to sign.

How to find a reliable moving company in your area?

Quality moving companies are easy to spot. However, before hiring any moving company, you should take your time to do some research. Ask a moving company representative for a license and the id number. You can check their license at official movers’ database or FMCSA. After that, you can research some more and check out the official company’s website. Reliable movers will provide numerous information on their website about their company and services. On the other hand, you will be able to find numerous online reviews. You should ask the movers you like for a quote and see if they offer a moving contract for you to sign. If they do, you will know they don’t have anything to hide as fraudulent movers would do.