While planning your relocation all you can think about is making it through your moving day and the first day in your brand new home. You might be dreaming of coziness and comfort. A place that you can relax in and soak in all the hard work that you have previously invested in your relocation. Sure, all of that is possible. However, is it really doable on the first day in your new place? It is important to have realistic expectations. The last thing you want is to be disappointed after a long and exhausting moving day.

Tips and tricks to handle your first day in your new home

The first day in your new home shouldn’t be dreadful. But, it also won’t be dreamy. Here are a few things that you might want to consider before you move as well as after, to soften the blow of entering your new place.

Pack a first aid bag

Once your move is done you might feel overwhelmed. Boxes, bags, furniture and so much more will be all over the place. For a few moments, it is even normal to be confused and clueless about what to do. That is why you should pack one small suitcase or bag with all your essentials. Pack all the things that you know you will need right away. One outfit, your personal toiletries, phone chargers, and anything else that you use every single day. This way you will feel less disrupted and more at ease.

A person holding a backpack that will hold all the essentials for the first day in your new home.

A simple backpack can also do the trick if you can feet all your needed essentials in it.

Have a plan

Before your move, you probably had a perfect relocation plan in place. Don’t take off your planning hat just yet. Avoid being all over the place while unpacking. Have a plan in place based on your priorities and follow it to a tee. For instance, unpack your bedroom and bathroom first. This way you can be fresh and have a comfortable first night’s rest. You will wake up rested and fully energized. In the morning you will be ready to tackle new challenges around the house.

Your utilities should be set up ASAP

Ideally, your utilities should be set up before your move-in day knocks on your door. Nevertheless, we all know that things can be often far from ideal. It will be hard to truly enjoy your new place without wifi, tv, and other utilities. So, if things aren’t in order once you move in, get in touch with your service providers right away. If you don’t know how to set up utilities for the first time, do not worry. There are plenty of online tutorials on the subject.

WiFi symbol in black pain printed on a light wall.

Nowadays, functioning without WiFi sounds almost impossible.

Don’t get discouraged

If your first day in your new home doesn’t go as planned don’t be discouraged. Look on the bright side! A hard move is behind you and now all you need to do is make your new amazing home just the way you like it. Once you are done and it is made up to exactly your liking, all you need to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor.