Storage facilities, as a concept, are some of the most overlooked things in life. Without it, people would struggle to find available and safe spaces for their belongings. It is always good to have someone take care of your things, even more so if you trust them. However, not all storage units and facilities are created equal. Virginia is not a small state, and Alexandria is not a small city, and naturally, there are many storage options there. But, if you want to find the one that suits you, you need to follow certain steps. And finding the best storage units in Alexandria is easy, but inexperienced people can easily fall into a trap.

Internet is your friend

Search engines like Google and Bing are fantastic for searching for available storage. By simply typing ‘storage units in Alexandria’ you’ll be greeted with almost all available options. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to find a storage unit that has all the specifications you want, like climate-controlled storage.

Interent surfing.

If you want to find out what people think about storage units in Alexandria, look at their internet reviews.

If you search for the best storage units in Alexandria, don’t immediately click on the first result. Make sure to check out reviews first. Find the contact info, and constant the storage facility directly. That way you’ll know what they’re offering, and how much they are charging.

It is very important to team up with certified people both for finding good storage and a moving company that can transfer your belongings to said storage. Do not trust everything you are being told and do your research. Thankfully, we have internet for that.

It’s better to find a company that offers a wide variety of services

It is always easier to find a company that has both moving services and storage services. And thankfully, there are companies like that. One example of that in nearby Lorton is You’ll be dealing with one company, and that way, you’ll avoid unnecessary complications. 

Different belongings require different storage units

Not all belongings can be placed safely in the same kind of storage. Try to classify and separate items that can go into an ‘ordinary’ storage unit. You need to store some items in climate-controlled storage units, with extra safety, and with humidity control.

Sculpture out of marble.

You cannot store all items in ordinary units.

Long-term storage vs short-term storage

Long-term, it is far less expensive to keep belongings in long-term storage units. However, if you need a storage unit for just a couple of weeks or months, there is no need to get long-term storage.

Think about what you need. If you plan to keep your belongings for a long time, get a long-term storage unit. On the contrary, get a short-term one. If you change your mind, modifying a contract is easy. Just make sure to properly organize your storage unit if you want to save some money by saving space inside a unit.

All in all, we hope that you’ll find the best storage units in Alexandria and that our tips and tricks help you! So, good luck, and have a nice stay in Alexandria.