Finding an office space to rent in NYC is not an easy thing to do and that is the first thing you should know. Expecting the process of finding a perfect place to be easy is silly. This is the most high-in-demand city in the world and it’s full of possibilities. Every important company is here. Everyone wants to be here and that is the reason why real estates are so expansive and why it’s not an easy thing to find a good office space.

Reasons why it’s difficult to find office space to rent in NYC

We already mentioned that everybody wants to be here and all good offices are taken. That’s why you need to wait until a good opportunity comes by. Some people wait for years for a good opportunity. Also, there isn’t much place in many neighborhoods to build any new buildings which is part of the problem. The city is overcrowded and they don’t have enough place to make new buildings. There is limited space and unlimited people who are moving there. That is also a reason for the prices. You surely know how expensive is to rent an office space (or anything else) in NYC. As you already know NYC is divided into five boroughs. Not all of them are the same and not all of them are as high in demand. Additional note for you, even though things are calming down pandemic-wise you should still find a way to organize a safe relocation and office space hunt.

A look at NYC at sunset

Is this a perfect location for your new office?


Brooklyn is nowadays a hipster place. Once this was not a fancy borough but nowadays it’s a completely different story. Even Hollywood stars like Adam Driver, Matt Damon, and Emily Blunt live in Brooklyn now. Maybe this is the most wanted place in NYC and because of that, it is the hardest place to get a good office space. Well, Brooklyn or Manhattan – it’s hard to tell which one is more in demand currently. Luckily this is a place where you can easily find help. For example, if you find an office space, you will easily find movers that can offer whatever assistance you may need. We will talk more about moving to your premises now let’s see other boroughs.


Very popular, very fancy, and very expansive place. Is it worth it? Obviously, since everybody is trying to work from there. For the office space in this borough, you will be needing around $91 per square foot per year. Here is a list of famous companies in Manhattan :

  • Pfizer
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • ABM Industries
  • Philip Morris International
  • Omnicom Group
  • Carl Icahn
  • Citi

As you can see, if you get an office space in this area you will be in great company and that’s something you can expect. Sometimes having neighbors like these can be a great motivation. Working on East Coast can be amazing but Manhattan surely is one of the most wanted places.

Manhattan view

Manhattan is one of the most amazing places on earth, just take a look at it.


This can actually be a perfect place for your office. The Bronx was a rough neighborhood once upon a time, but they have been building and investing in this area a lot. Now it’s becoming very popular but prices are still not as high as they are in Manhattan or in Brooklyn. They will be in a few years probably and that’s why it can be a very smart move to find an office to rent in the Bronx. There are commercial movers who can help you to settle into your new premises if you decide that this can be a great place for your office.

Queens and Staten Island

Queens is also getting more and more popular. This is actually a very nice place to live or even raise a family there, we can even call this place the affordable place in NYC if that is possible. It’s not as busy as others but it’s very up-and-coming. Staten Island is the second wealthiest borough (after Manhattan) in NYC. Funny thing is that Queens is actually in third place. People often expect that working in Staten Island won’t be as amazing as it would be in other boroughs but in reality, this place is probably the best to work from. All those amazing parks around will improve your mood immediately.

Expectations vs. reality

Expectation – I can find an office space to rent in NYC on my own. Reality says differently. Maybe you can do it on your own, but the smartest choice is to go through an agency. Many offices can only be rented through an agency and you will have less chance to find a great place for you and your company.

Expectation – I can move all office items on my own without paying a third party, I will be saving a lot of money. Reality says completely differently. If you do not have the necessary equipment and trained manpower chances are something from your equipment will be damaged and you will also be risking back injuries. That’s why it’s always smart to find reliable movers like to help you out at a reasonable price.

A man working and feeling frustrated

This can be a waiting game.

Finding an office space to rent in NYC – a few tips for you

  1. First of all, think about how much space you will be needing, how big an office you want and where, of course. Once you figure that one out, your journey can begin.
  2. Start looking around and once you know which borough you want, start looking at neighborhoods there to see the exact location you prefer.
  3. Find a realtor, agency, or commercial tenant broker to help you out with the rest of your journey, and make sure to tell them exactly what you want, need, and your budget of course.
  4. Once you do find a place you like you can make an offer.
  5. Your next step is negotiating and that can take some time.
  6. The last step is, of course, moving in. After that, all you need to do is settle in and start working.