If you are planning a family move to Clarksburg, MD, we have some very smart packing tips that will make relocation a bit easier. Packing is the most boring part of relocation because we all have a little bit too many household items and they all need to be packed neatly. That is only to ensure their safety. We will also show you who can help you with this part of relocation so, read on.

10 smart packing tips for your family move to Clarksburg

  1. try to declutter your old home and get rid of everything you don’t want to bring with you
  2. consider storage for everything that you do want but don’t have space for in your new home
  3. download some moving and packing apps
  4. make a list of all packing material so you can buy everything in one trip – saves some time
  5. find a good labeling system
  6. pack everything by room
  7. start packing from the most fragile items since they require extra attention
  8. use bubble wrap for breakable items
  9. pack one bag separately for the things you will be needing on the road
  10. make reminders while packing so you don’t forget anything – apps can help you with that too
A woman packing for a family move to Clarksburg

Is packing making you feel overwhelmed? Read our next tip.

The best tip we have for you

The best tip we have for you is to hire professional movers like Helix Transfer & Storage. They can help you with packing. This additional service most movers are offering can be a true lifesaver. Call them and ask about this, talk to them about packing material. Most movers can provide that as well.

The reason why you need packing tips

The first reason why you need to pack well is that your household items need to be protected until they reach Clarksburg. The second reason is to make unpacking easier. That’s why we are offering these tips to you. Of course, if it gets too much you can simply reach out to neighbors and they will handle all the crucial tasks regarding your move.

Moving boxes in a living room

Soon enough you will have to unpack.

A few extra tips for your family move to Clarksburg

We always recommend using vacuum bags if you have a lot of clothes. Especially bulky ones like jackets and such. That will save you a lot of space and later on those bags can be reused if you need them for storage. Put some scented sachet inside and your clothes will smell nice after you unpack. Another thing – moving boxes are good and we all know that, but are they the best solution? Consider plastic bins. You can buy them or better yet rent them. This can be a good solution and also good for the environment. We call that a win-win combination.