Let’s explore together some of the most popular neighborhoods of Laurel Mississippi. If you plan on moving to this city in Jones County first you need to decide on where. Then you can continue with house hunting, buying a place of your own, relocation, and the rest that follows. So we are here to help you with your first task. Here is a fun fact for you before we start our journey – this city is best known for oil and gas drillers. Back in 1942, they discovered oil in Laurel and that is what made this city. Today, there are over 150 drillers here.

Why moving to Laurel, Mississippi?

Laurel is a perfect city for families. This is a perfect place for you to work, play, raise a family, and such. The public schools in this city are rated very well which is a very important factor if you are relocating with kids. But this is not just some boring little city that will be good only for the kids. There are plenty of interesting restaurants you and your significant other can enjoy. There are plenty of bars with a great vibe for the younger crowd too. As you can see this place can be great for young professionals as well as older couples looking to retire.

a kid riding a bike in one of the neighborhoods of Laurel
This is a great city to raise your family and the best part of it is the amazing schools you can choose from. You know that your kids’ education will be great here.

The most popular neighborhoods of Laurel

It’s difficult to say which neighborhood is better. That is all up to you, and we suggest taking a stroll (if possible) to look around and see what you like. We can show you popular neighborhoods based on the market research but that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to like something just because it’s popular. You might like some other neighborhoods depending on what you are looking for in one. Anyways here is a list so we can start from there :

  • Calhoun / Pleasant Ridge
  • Myrick / Mill Creek
  • City Center
  • Southeastern Baptist College / University Ave
  • Route 15 / Audubon Dr.
  • Eastview
  • Pendorff / Walters

Choosing one of the neighborhoods of Laurel

What works best in your case is depending on your criteria. If you are looking for a nice place to retire we suggest not going to the city center or anywhere near the college. And yet those two locations might be perfect for students and young adults as well as young professionals looking for a good job opportunity. That’s why it’s important to do research on your own as well. We can tell you the prices vary depending on location.

And you’ve guessed it they are the prices near the center but that still doesn’t mean much to you. You need to take a look on your own. In case you are moving here with your family make sure to talk to them as well and see what they have to say and which part of the city looks nice to them too. If you have kids you might want to be near your chosen school or near your new job here? that can be an important factor here as well.

packing supplies for relocation
When you finally decide on the right neighborhood you can start with the packing process.

The nicest (the most beautiful) part of the town

If you are very into aesthetics, you are in luck! There is a picture-perfect place here too! If you turn right at 6th Avenue and 7th Street and head down you will be able to find what is arguably the most beautiful street of classic homes in the city. All the homes look dreamy too. So if you wish to live in a beautiful part of the town surrounded by only amazing houses and backyards this is a place for you.

Some of these houses are pretty old and have amazing history you can check them out in a museum. Not all are for sale tho so you might want to consider hiring a real estate agent to help you find the right place here. Downtown is also nice but it doesn’t have as much wow factor as this part of the Laurel. If you plan on relocating to one of the neighborhoods of Laurel, our best suggestion is to explore spydermoving.com first and see how they can be of help.

Peaceful neighborhoods that will be good for retirement

Since we already mentioned that this city can be nice for seniors as well let’s take a look and find the perfect spot where you can relax and enjoy your retirement. Pleasant Ridge can be a great place. But if you prefer senior living communities this city has 15 great ones you can choose from which is plenty for a city of this size. Comfort Care Nursing Home, Jonas Co Rest Home, Laurelwood Comm Living Centar and Care Centar of Laurel are the best-rated ones so check them out as well.

two elderly people trying to find perfect neighborhoods of Laurel for retiremant
Laurel can also be a nice place to retire, this is a senior-friendly city too!

Moving to Laurel, Mississippi

Once you find the part of the town you like best you will surely find a house you prefer. The whole buying process you will go through will be with a little bit of help from your bank probably and then the relocation will come. That is a hard part so we decided to help you out with that one as well.

The best tip we have for you is to find people who know the area to help you out once you arrive. Professional movers can help you with both unpacking and settling in. Also, they can be quite helpful if you need to find additional storage and many other things so this is why we are suggesting you get help from them.

Good luck with your search and the following move

Good luck with choosing neighborhoods of Laurel as well as your upcoming relocation. Hopefully, this text helped you a bit and you will be able to continue research on your own now.