We can all agree that moving your sofa is one thing, and moving your piano is another thing. Moving your regular household items cannot be compared to moving your piano at all. And why is that? Well, because pianos are huge, bulky, heavy, and extremely fragile. On top of that, they are also very expensive and valuable. And, once you damage your piano, it either loses its value completely (if you damage it slightly) or it loses its purpose completely (if the damage is huge). Thus, it goes without saying that when relocating, hiring piano movers is a must. So, here is everything you need to know before hiring piano movers.

You Will Need ‘Special’ Kind of Moving Agency

Before anything else, let’s get one thing straight – piano movers are not your regular movers! And, how come? Well, piano movers are trained and experienced people who possess all the knowledge and skills needed for relocating something as delicate as a piano. They know how to disassemble and assemble it completely, how to prepare it for relocating, and how to safely transport it to your new address. This is what makes them different than regular movers who usually focus only on organizing your move and preparing your household belongings. So, have that in mind when hiring movers, in this case, when hiring piano movers.

A piano which requires hiring piano movers when you decide to move your home.

Hiring piano movers will ensure that your piano stays intact after the relocation.

You Will Need a Trusted Moving Agency Too

So, you are probably persuaded and now you are in a need of piano movers. Unfortunately, unlike regular movers, piano movers are not that easy to find. So, what you can do first is call everybody you know – friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, or anybody who relocated recently. Ask for some recommendations. That is a great way to avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies too! However, if that does not work, you can always turn to our trusted friends – the internet. Do thorough research about the moving companies that specialize in piano moving. If you find something you like, do a background check. Do not hesitate to evaluate each moving company you find.

A woman typing on her laptop.

You can find many piano movers online. Make sure that the one you hire is legitimate.

Hiring Piano Movers Will Cost You Extra

Another thing you should know when it comes to hiring piano movers is that they do come with a hefty price tag. Yes, they even cost more than regular movers. This is because their job is more complex and it comes with much more responsibility. But, hey, that is the price you have to pay to make sure your piano stays the same after relocating. If you are not sure about the prices, feel free to call several piano movers. Ask them for an estimate. You can get an over-the-phone estimate, online estimate, and face-to-face estimate. By doing this, you will know the price of your piano relocation. Hopefully, this can help you make your decision and make you realize that hiring piano movers is a must!