Lots of people stress over the usual bits and pieces of going through a move. However, there’s often some underlying anxiety about what to do once you have actually moved. This comes into full force when you finish dealing with the move. Now it is time for you to get your fresh start. What might turn out to be more problematic than setting up a new home is setting up your new network of friends in a new place. There are easy ways to make friends after moving that will surely help you find your people in no time.

a man and a woman talking - an example of making friends after moving
It might seem tough at first, but there are many easy ways to make friends after moving.

Apps and the internet – possibly no. 1 of all the easy ways to make friends

Nowadays, as there are apps for finding a date, there are also many apps to help with finding friends. This is particularly useful when living in a big city. Thus, use any of the social media you like for this. Alternatively, you can join some of the online communities related to your new hometown. This way, you will already form some relationships online. This will make it feel like meeting up with an old friend if you end up deciding to meet in real life.

Neighbors are the first choice to make friends after moving

Moving was your opportunity to set up your new home using solely the things you love or absolutely need. Whether you took the time and chose the right packing supplies yourself, or you hired professionals like All Things Home Organizing™ to do it for you, you are sure to find this experience and the outcome enjoyable. Then when you’re all done, you can invite your new neighbors for a casual get together. This is a good way both to introduce yourself and strengthen your relationships with your neighbors. Not only will this set you up with a basic friend group but they will also have lots of tips for you. You will then easily settle in your new place.


People often move for work. So, initiating contact with your colleagues is often on the list of tips for making friends in a new city. If you notice you are really hitting it off with some of your colleagues, or you share the same interests, this can be a good excuse to ask them out to socialize outside of work.

Friends of friends are a perfect option to make friends after moving

Asking friends to set you up with a friend that lives in your new city is yet another of the easy ways to make friends after moving. You can even do this yourself using the friends of friends option on Facebook. You will already have something in common with this person, which will help you communicate easily once you get together.

Shared activities – one of the smart ways to make new friends after you move

Any of the activities you enjoy doing for yourself are among the easy ways to make friends. Whether you’ve moved with your dog, you like working out at the gym, taking part in a concert or simply enjoying a coffee in a café, you are likely to notice some like-minded people visiting the same places you are. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation.

A dog running in the park with his owner who is riding a bike and trying to make friends after moving.
Walking your dog in the park or doing sporting activities are some of the easy ways to make friends after moving.

How to make friends when you move to a new city as an adult

Besides these, there are lots of other easy ways to make friends when you move to a new place as an adult. What’s important is to be ready to move out of your comfort zone for a little bit and to have persistence.