The USA are a very big country. From one coast to the other, there are many different cultures and landscapes one can find. With that amount of variety, sometimes it can get a little confusing when trying to understand the differences from state to state. So, in order to help remove some of the confusion, we have put together a list East Coast vs West Coast: 4 main differences. We hope you find it helpful.

1. City living

On of the largest differences between the two coasts is life in their cities. Let’s take the biggest cities for example. Life in New York City and Los Angeles couldn’t be more different. To make a practical example, while Manhattan is huge you can easily get from one side to the other in about an hour. In LA however, you could spend hours upon hours being stuck in the city’s infamous traffic in order to cross the city. While this is definitely a positive for the East Coast, there are many things no one tells you about living on the East Coast.

View of NYC from the waterline
City living on the two coasts is a lot different.

2. Lifestyle

Going hand in hand with the previous comparison, the lifestyle on the East Coast vs West Coast is incredibly different. The East Coast, and namely NYC, is famous for a faster pace of life. People are always hurrying from place to place, trying to accomplish everything on their to-do lists. On the West Coast however (In California most noticeably) life is a lot more laid-back. People tend to focus a lot more on health on the West Coast, so it follows that they are rarely ever in a rush. Or it might be sunshine and horrible traffic. Additionally, West Coast people tend to have a lot more seasonal items, so living on the West Coast comes with things you only use a few times every year. So, if you plan on living on the West Coast, finding a place for unnecessary items to be stored is a good idea.

3. Climate

Probably the most noticeable difference between the two coasts are the climates. The West Coast’s climate is very warm and sunny all year-round. Meanwhile, the East Coast experiences all four seasons, with long and snowy winters. So, if you’re a fan of warmer weather, moving from the East Coast is made easy by hiring experience long distance movers.

Cars in the rain
The vast difference in climate between the two coasts is the most noticeable difference.

4. Nature

One of the best things about the two coasts is the variety of landscapes which can be found on either one. From deserts to sandy beaches, mountain ranges to lush forests. Beautiful national parks can be found on both coasts. Experts from Mod Movers California note that a lot of people move to the West Coast because of nature. However, the East Coast has its own beautiful places to visit.

East Coast vs West Coast: 4 main differences

The East Coast and West Coast are vastly different from each other. Ultimately, no one can say which one is better, because it’s down to personal preference. Although, visiting each of the coasts is something everyone should do. If you live on the East Coast, you should consider reading a list of West Coast places everyone should know, and try to visit some of them. We hope you found this list of main differences of East Coast vs West Coast helpful.