Do you want to run your own business in Maryland? Choosing a location for your office is one of the first steps. You have already chosen Silver Springs, but this town has different neighborhoods to offer. Some of them are perfect for running a business. Which parts of Silver Spring for your new office are great? Why Silver Spring is special?

About Silver Springs

Silver Spring is a small town in MD with a population of almost 80,000. It has good public schools, amazing nightlife, it is diverse and the crime rate is low. It gives residents an urban feel and many families with kids and young professionals choose to live here. Young professionals want to be here because the job market is strong as well as the economy (median household income is $78,000 which is higher than the national average). The unemployment rate is only 3.3%. This is the main factor to follow when choosing a new location for your office. A good location is half of the job.

Searching for arts of Silver Spring for your new office space.

Get notes and be prepared for looking for a new office space

The median home value is $490,000 but most people rent a home. The median rent per month is $1,650 and 64% of residents rent a home here. People want to live here because of art, culture, rich history, and of course, job opportunities. If you want to live here also, you should know that the costs of living are about 30% higher than the national average. And about 13% higher than the Maryland average. Housing is the biggest factor in this difference. But, it is one of the best cities to live in Maryland, and that is why this city has a little bit higher cost of living.

Consider these parts of Silver Spring for your new office

Before you move an office to Silver Spring, MD, you should know that this city has different parts where you can open an office. Location is one of the most important factors when starting a business, especially if clients need to come and visit you. In this case, your office should be in the busy street, visible and easily accessible. These are the best parts of Silver Spring for your new office space:

  • Downtown Silver Spring
  • Woodside
  • Woodside Forest
  • Forest Glen
  • Goodacre Knolls 
  • Woodmoor
Office space.

Find the right office space in Silver Springs, but before that, you need to explore all of these neighborhoods

Economy and job market

To start a business here in Silver Spring, you should research the market and the competition. The average income per capita is $40,900, which is $9,000 more than the national average and the household income (the average) is $78,000. The recent job growth was 0.79%, but in the future (in the next 10 years), job growth will be 30%. When it comes to taxes, sales taxes are 6% and the income taxes are 8%.

How to choose a suitable office in Silver Spring, MD?

First of all, to make sure your commercial relocation will go smoothly and efficiently, you need to choose a suitable office. The rest will go easily. But, how to pick ti, what to pay attention to? If this is your first office, follow these steps below:

  • Of course, the first factor is location. Can your clients get there without a hassle as well as employees? Think about the neighborhood and see what facilities you have nearby and is there a competition.
  • Price is also a big factor when deciding. How much can you spend on rent every month – what is your business plan? In most cases, you will need to pay a three-month rent deposit. Ask for hidden fees and compare different prices in the same area.
  • What size of office space do you need? Approximately, you need 70 square ft per person, but if you need more storage space or a separate space for meeting with clients, then look for a bigger office in Silver Spring.
  • Infrastructure depends on the type of your business. But, without fast internet, your office won’t be productive. Also, check postal services or telephone connections.

Organizing commercial relocation to Silver Spring

After choosing the right location for your office in Silver Spring, it is time to organize your relocation and to move without losing productivity.

For a successful commercial relocation, choose experienced and affordable assistance – a team of moving experts. This way, you can focus on other important tasks, while the moving company is packing and moving your office supplies and equipment to a new office. If your employees are moving also, give them notice in advance and each one of them should pack their own items on the desk. Plan relocation as a team- together and you will move faster when you are organized. 

Team work.

Work as a team and you will be finished faster

Renting a storage unit for your business needs

Don’t make clutter in your new office, this will only slow you don’t and you will be less productive. Store your goods, and office supplies in a storage unit near your office. This is also a more affordable option because rent for an office is higher than the rent for a storage facility. Excalibur Moving and Storage can provide you with different storage units in Maryland.

After that, organize your storage unit and protect all your items inside. Pack them properly and keep an inventory. Especially if you will store the goods you are selling. Some of the parts of Silver Spring for your new office have storage units too, so explore all your options and locations.


Choose the right location for your office and the rest will be easier. Explore the best parts of Silver Spring for your new office, and all of them before making the final choice. Hire a local real estate agent who can help you with finding your new office, and make the search faster and stress-free.