You’ve finally unpacked your stuff. What are you going to use all of the moving boxes for? Is it possible to recycle them? Store them for the future? Both options are great, as well as being healthier for nature. But, before you choose the environmentally beneficial option, have some fun! Moving boxes can also be used in a variety of ways, including efficient storage, games, and even as decorations. That is why our experts from East Coast Haul came up with these creative ways to use leftover moving boxes!


Why should you pay a fortune for plastic boxes? It’s easier and more attractive to turn cardboard boxes into storage containers. Simply strengthen the box with some leather or any fabric you prefer and secure it using spray glue. Then, using grommets, make openings for the straps, which you can make out of a belt or string. Decorate the exterior, and there you have it, a stylish, beautiful storage solution!

Cardboard boxes with flowers
Leftover moving boxes are great for storage!


Creative stool. A stylish bookcase. Caddy for the wall. Whether you need some furniture after a relocation or simply need a few decoration pieces, moving box cardboard can be layered and built however you want for a great weight load and strength. Boxes used for moving home appliances are particularly strong, so consider using them. There are many different ways to do this, just browse the internet!

Flower pots

Plant containers or more plants: what would you rather spend your money on? A cardboard box provides an excellent plant container for those who like the latter. Add an extra layer with a plastic bag, punch a few holes, then decorate it to fit your style. That way you will have a great, cheap, DIY flower pot!

Wall art

These days, do-it-yourself decorations for the holidays and wall art is all the craze, partially because it adds such a personal moment. Blank canvases, on the other hand, are pricey, but leftover moving boxes are free. Simply apply a layer of paint on them. Then, just like a canvas, go crazy on them. Better yet, have a party with your pals and paint them together!

Wall filled with pictures
Instead of expensive canvas, you can use the cardboard from your moving boxes!

Fun for the family

Is it a sled, is it a formula car, why not both? There are two really entertaining ways to fly with cardboard! Do you like a more leisurely pace? Turn a room into an amazing maze to keep your youngsters occupied for hours! Better still, give your kids some boxes and let them go on their imaginations. Whether they build a fort or a robot, the enjoyment will come naturally.

Scratching post for your pets

Animals, particularly cats, might be stressed by moving. Make a scratching post or pad out of corrugated cardboard boxes to fulfill your cat’s scratch fever and save the furniture! Then paint to make it look nice.