Moving 2,000 miles is not simple – it required a lot of preparations and good organization. Moving from state to state is a big change in life. If you are thinking about moving from CO to FL any time soon, then know where to start. Long-distance relocations are much easier with a professional moving company. If you don’t have experience with transporting items more than 1,000 or 2,000 miles (most people don’t), then hiring Colorado to Florida movers is the safest option. Make your cross country moving a piece of cake.

Why people are moving to Florida from Colorado, what this state has to offer?

  • Florida has amazing beaches, if you love to live near the ocean, white sand beaches will take your breath away.
  • A strong economy and the job market for people who are seeking a career.
  • The weather is always sunny and warm, which is perfect for people who don’t love snow and rain.
  • There are no income taxes and sales and property taxes are not that high.
  • Theme parks and amusement attracts not only tourists but potential residents too.
  • Affordable costs of living as well as housing options. Find the best places in Florida to buy a second home at an affordable price.
  • Florida is one of the best places where to retire and many seniors from Colorado are moving here. You can find Colorado to Florida movers and senior moving assistance.
A girl lying on the beach.

If you love enjoying the beach and hot weather, Florida may be the perfect solution for you. Live there and have 24/7 vacation

Packing when moving from CO to FL

Whatever reason you have to move from Colorado to Florida, you will have to prepare properly for the relocation. Transporting is one part of the move, but first, you need to pack your items. Get your stuff ready either by yourself or by hiring professionals to do it for you. Before you start packing, we recommend that you go through all of your possessions and get rid of the items you will not need at your new Florida home. Only then should you start acquiring packing supplies. Bear in mind that moving costs will depend on the size and weight of your move, so if you want to save money, you should only pack the most important items. 

Colorado to Florida movers and packers.

Get help with packing if you need it. Consider this option before you start packing

If you have bought/rented a home in Florida, take all the measurements of a new home and don’t move furniture that won’t fit in. Also, you don’t need to pack all your winter clothing when moving to Florida because it is mostly hot and sunny. Collect enough packing supplies such as moving boxes and wrapping materials and do not overpack boxes. Label them at the end to stay organized when moving.

The easiest and fastest way to pack is to hire professional packers. If you don’t have packing materials, and you don’t know how to pack, or you don’t have enough time, hiring packers is the best option.

How to choose Colorado to Florida movers?

How to avoid moving scams and hire a reliable mover for a long-distance relocation? Having a professional moving help will make your relocation stress-free but only if you choose the right moving company. Before you hire a company for moving from Colorado to Florida to help you get there hassle-free, learn how to make the right choice.

The USA map.

To move cross country, having a professional mover is highly recommended and you can travel by car or plane

Check license number

A moving company that transport items from one state to another must have a license for moving across the USA, including Colorado to Florida movers. Never hire a company without a certificate, no matter how much you liked them. Check the US DOT number, every moving company must have this number. Via US DOT number you can make sure a company is reliable. It is easy to check on the FMCSA website, they have all information about every licensed moving company in the USA. If the company is not in their database, contact FMCSA and report a company – it is a big red flag.

Never pick the first company you will find online, always do research. Consider contacting the moving crew from because they are licensed, which is one of the most important, if not the most important things to check.

A company must be insured

When organizing a long-distance move, keep in mind that anything can happen during transportation. Items may get damaged, or even lost. To protect your household items when moving, you should hire a moving company with insurance.

There are different types of insurance you can purchase when moving long-distance. It depends on your budget, and of course, the coverage. Two main types are:

  • Full Value Protection Coverage
  • Released Value Coverage

Compare the services and the costs

Choose a couple of moving companies from Colorado and compare the services they offer to clients and for what price. Weigh the costs and get price quotes in writing for about 3 companies. But, don’t pay a deposit larger than 20% of a total moving price. If they ask you for more, it may be a red flag.

Get in-home moving estimates from a few movers and you will know the accurate moving price before moving. Get everything in paper and compare the bids. Don’t choose a company according to their low prices, it should not be the deciding factor. On the other hand, it does not mean you should choose the most expensive offer.

Research company’s reputation

When hiring movers online use everything that different websites offer you. Read online moving reviews from past clients from different sources. Some of the websites to check are:

  • Company’s official website
  • Yelp
  • BBB
  • Facebook

Every reputable Colorado to Florida movers will mostly have positive comments, but if the comments are too positive, it may be a red flag. Learn how to recognize fake online moving reviews before you start reading them. Also, besides online reviews, aks company for a couple of referrals. Contact past clients and ask them about experience and opinion. If they are satisfied, there are big changes you will be too.