If you are looking for a state where your family can feel right at home you should not look much farther than Illinois. Illinois is considered to be one of the most family-friendly states. There is an abundance of cities in Illinois that are perfect for families. They offer almost everything a family with children might need. The amenities they offer are both great and diverse meaning that families can have great fun and quality time there. Cities in Illinois offer great things for the whole family, both children and parents alike.

Why is Illinois great for families?

Well, the state of Illinois has it all. Most of the cities here are very family-friendly stimulating families to move in from other states. Based on every possible criterion important to families these cities are at the top of the chart. Of course, when deciding on whether a city is family-friendly or not people particularly value:

  • Crime statistics
  • Education possibilities
  • Family-friendly activities,
  • Living cost and
  • Job opportunities.
A family walking
Illinois is known for many family-friendly cities

So, if you are considering moving here from another state you can be assured that it is a good decision. The cities in Illinois have a low crime rate, an abundance of schools, and great educational opportunities. In addition, they offer good jobs and a stable economy. Illinois also offers a lot of opportunities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. They are affordable and fun to live in.

Many of those that moved here recently can testify to these facts. So your interstate move will surely be worthwhile. Once you make your decision you will be able to easily reach your new home here and settle in with your family. Based on all of those criteria here are just some of the cities to consider:

  • Winnetka
  • Park Ridge
  • Western Springs
  • Deerfield


Located on the shore of Lake Michigan, Winnetka is at the top of the list and one of the reasons for family relocations from coast to coast. This city provides a great opportunity for family time outdoors. Fishing, kayaking, and hiking are top activities for families. The economy and job market here are strong and the schooling system is top-notch.

Teacher working with two boys
Schooling system in Illinois is of top quality and draws families into the state

The downside is that this is the wealthiest city on this list. Homes here are priced above average but luckily the income of residents can match.

Park Ridge

The city is just a step from Chicago and it has a great location for commuters. Other than that there are many family-friendly amenities here. This is a perfect home as it offers great schooling and a low crime rate. The economy is also strong offering quality jobs for parents. If you add to this the present nature of Wildwood Park and Pickwick Theather you can see why the city has it all.

Western Springs

Western Springs is known for its great schools and a very low crime rate. This makes it great for families. In addition, the city has great income statistics and has a good job market. Western Springs is not only a family-friendly environment but also one of the best places to live in Illinois. If you are considering moving here know that the process can go stress-free if you learn more about the environment and research Illinois as your new home.


Deerfield has one of the best school districts with schools being market 9/10. It is perfect for families moving in seeking quality education and high-income jobs. The city is based on the healthcare industry with a strong job market. Of all cities in Illinois, Deerfield is a magnet for families with children and young professionals.

A woman carrying a child on a hike
Nature in Illinois is perfect for family fun and plenty of outdoor activites

Your Illinois move with our family can be a great decision. There are plenty of opportunities to find the best family-friendly between different cities in Illinois. Just make sure you have all the data before you make the decision.