Moving to the suburbs of Illinois just might be the best decision you ever made. Generally, speaking suburbs can be better than living in the middle of a busy city. It’s more peaceful, people tend to be more friendly. Even housing prices can be more affordable. So, why not use all the perks? Also, it’s a fact that suburbs usually look better and more peaceful. People often choose them for raising kids or for retirement.

Moving to the suburbs of Ilinois

Buying a place of your own in one of the Ilinois is not an easy process, but we have a piece of good news for you. Now is the best time to buy a house especially in the Chicago suburbs. The prices are down a bit and they will most probably stay that way through the whole year. So, this might be a good decision and you might be able to snatch a great big house for a good price or downsize and save some money. The cheapest place to live in Ilinois (suburban area) is East Moline, but don’t base your decision solely on the prices. Do detailed research because prices are getting more affordable all over the state. Before you move here, you need to choose the best suburbs for you and then you can hire a real estate agent to help you with house hunting.

moving to the suburbs of Illinois for the kids
Suburbs are a great place to raise your kids.

How to choose

Before you buy a place of your own you need to do a thorough research of all the available suburbs and see which one suits you best. They can all be great in their own way but you need to see which one will work perfectly for you. The most popular ones are of course suburbs of Chicago. After all, you are relocating to stay so here is a list of the places you should most definitely check out before deciding :

  • Clarendon Hills. Suburb of Chicago
  • Long Grove. Suburb of Chicago
  • Western Springs. Suburb of Chicago
  • Bannockburn. Suburb of Chicago
  • Oak Park. Suburb of Chicago
  • Naperville. City in Illinois
  • Evanston. Town in Illinois
  • Lisle. Suburb of Chicago
  • Mitchell. Suburb in Illinois (the cheapest one for buying a house)

Those are just the ones with the highest rankings. There are plenty more to choose from, but this will give you a good start.

The bank

To buy a house you will probably need some sort of help from your bank. There are few stops along the way where you will be needing help. That is ok, especially if you have a good credit score you won’t be having any obstacles along the way. The better the score is the better the mortgage rates will be. Of course, you will be needing some sort of down payment that is usually around 10 or even 15% but your banker will explain this in more detail.

Money in the glass
The bank will help you with financing your house in the Ilinois suburbs.

Checklist for moving

What do you need to do before moving to the suburbs of Illinois? Well, first of all, you need to do a research and find the one that suits you best. Then your next step will be going to the bank and getting pre-approved. After that, you can interview a couple of real estate agents and pick the one that you like. He or she will help you when it comes to finding the right house for you and your family ( if you have one and if not, you might in the future ). When you are done with the “buying a house” part your next step will be relocation and that can be tricky but we will show you how you can do this the easier way. Then you are just left with settling in and the adaptation process. How does that sound?

Professional help

When everything is over you get the hardest part – relocation. This is hard because you need to plan everything on time, deal with logistics. Also, you need to pack all your belongings and prepare the kids or pets if you have them. That the heavy lifting comes and hitting the road. It’s only natural to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Long-distance relocations are hard but that’s why people hire professional movers to help them out and make this process a breeze. This is the only way to avoid any added stress.

professional movers
Professional movers will help you with relocation. They can do it in no time!

Aditional help you might need

In case you didn’t know, professional movers like Golans Moving and Storage can do so much more than just relocating you. They can help you out with packing in case you have too many household items or you are in a hurry. Also, they can find you additional storage in case you need one. There is a variety of services they can offer you in order to make this relocation easier for you. So if you want to get this done easier call them up, ask for your moving estimate so you can plan your budget ahead. That you should tell them all you really need and talk about the time frame. That way you will on be on the same page and fork toward the same goal. Getting you moved to your chosen suburbs of Ilinois.

Adaptation after moving to suburbs of Ilinois

People in Illinois are known to be friendly and that will ease your adaptation process of moving to the suburbs of Illinois. One other thing that will make this adaptation easier will be unpacking as soon as you can and start making your new house a home. That way you will feel more at home and less homesick. Then you are free to go and explore your new neighborhood and of course meet your next-door neighbors. Ask them to show you around a bit and tell you where you can spend your free days and how you can entertain yourself by exploring the neighborhood. Good luck!