If you are a business owner or planning on opening a hotel or a B&B, you should give a chance to the East Coast. There are many charming East Coast locations for hotels and B&Bs, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. Our experts here at East Coast Haul made a list for you to make the process much easier. So, let’s get on with the most charming East Coast locations for hotels and B&Bs!

Savannah, GA

This area is very unique because of the moss-covered trees. The eerie way the gray strands hung from the branches of the old oak trees, especially when covered in the early morning fog, gives it a special feel. Of course, Savannah is about much more than moss. It’s the location of one of the tensest murder trials in recent history. This city is also one of the most historically significant in the United States, as well as rumored to be one of the most haunted.

Park in Savannah, Georgia
The moss-covered trees in Savannah give it a special eerie vibe!

Opening a hotel or a B&B in Savannah will attract many horror lovers with its unique charm and spooky atmosphere! If you already have some old furniture, you should consider hiring a company like Los Angeles Transfer and Storage to help you get them to Savannah. That way you will save money and achieve the old spooky feel.

Asheville, NC

Asheville, with its lovely streets and beautiful mountains, is arguably the best spot on the East Coast for a weekend trip. It is home to spectacular treks and drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and it is situated in a perfect viewing point in the highlands. It’s a wonderful spot for a romantic east coast weekend escape. East Coast has its pros and cons, but Asheville is mostly pros. Asheville was also the setting for the filming of a recent Academy Award winner, and the state has created a guide for fans to tour iconic scene sites. The city attracts film, nature, and food lovers from all around the country, and is a great place to open up a hotel or a B&B.

Annapolis, MD

The city of Annapolis, a laid-back town that is the polar opposite of Washington, DC, is full of colorful buildings and brick pathways. It is not on our list of the top 6 most beautiful places on the East Coast, but it definitely deserves some attention. You can sample crab chowder or check on some artisan shoes in Annapolis. Explore an art gallery or take a stroll through the colorful districts at the shoreline. The city of Annapolis is a wonderfully beautiful east coast weekend destination.

Storefront in Annapolis that makes it one of the best East Coast locations for hotels and B&Bs
Annapolis is filled with small local stores that give it a unique feel!

Annapolis is a great place to consider opening a hotel or B&B if you already have a running business in California. This is because it is the opposite of California. The New England soul of the area can be a great asset if you have regular customers to your business. If you decide on doing this, you should engage specialists in the process, to make it much easier. Moving furniture and other bulky items to your new B&B will require some professional help.

In conclusion

There are many great charming East Coast locations for hotels and B&Bs, but these 3 are our favorites. Each comes with its unique feel and story. But, make sure to do your research and decide on what fits you best!