Are you wondering where in Florida young families choose to start fresh? Stop right here. There are many places in Florida we can consider to be a family-friendly paradise. The size of this article doesn’t allow us to count down every one of them, but we’ve made a selection you’ll certainly find most interesting. It was a tough list to make, but we did it anyway. It’s safe to say this is crème de la crème of booming Florida places young families should consider moving to. Stay tuned for some useful info.


One of the most beautiful cities in Florida, Venice certainly lives up to its name. Its European counterpart is one of the most amazing places on the globe. Anyway, choosing to raise a family in Venice is one of the best things you can do. It has a fantastic blend of urban and suburban, and most residents own the homes they live in. We can assume public education means a great deal to you, considering the fact you’re on the lookout for a place where your kids will grow up. Venice’s own public schools are among the best in the state. Buying a home here is more affordable than in other parts of the state, especially if you consider the fact Venice is a coastal town. The median rent is about $1000, which is pretty close to Miami’s median rent price. You can say buyers have an advantage here.

Two birds on the ocean shore.
Expect to see these guys after you relocate to Venice. You’ll get used to this kind of scenery.


Although its name is kind of hard to pronounce, it’s also hard to ignore the beauty of this Miami neighbor. It’s the sixth-largest municipality in Florida. Just like Venice, Hialeah has a unique blend of urban and suburban. The city provides its residents with great low-cost or free recreational activities, which are vital to your child’s upbringing. Also, Hialeah is home to fantastic local moving crews. Wherever you find your new home in the Hialeah area, assistance is around the corner, make no second thoughts about it. Did we mention it has an above-average public school system? Well, most of the places on this list have, as you’ve noticed. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have found their here.

Children in the classroom. One of them is giving the photographer a thumbs up.
Hialeah public schools are among the best in the state. Most places on this list have amazing public schools. Among other things, that’s also why they’re here.

Gulf Breeze

According to, this is the #1 place to live in the Pensacola area. If you’re a fan of suburbia, you’ll enjoy living in Gulf Breeze. It’s a tightly knit community with about 6500 residents. All public schools in Gulf Breeze are really top-notch. Your kids will receive a great public education. This city lies on the edge of the peninsula, being its most headmost point. Just search it up on Google Maps. Gulf Breeze has an unusual, still beautiful position. There’s no doubt your kids will enjoy it. Some say it has a “Keys-like” atmosphere, which is something you can turn a blind eye to.


Davie is one of the nicest places in Broward County. It holds a sturdy A on and is a suburb of Ft. Lauderdale. It’s definitely one of the booming Florida places for couples with children. Davie has a dense suburban feel to it. It gives you the best of both worlds: people are not living on top of each other’s heads, still they feel like a valid part of the community. If you find Davie quite attractive (as we do), you can easily move in with help from local experts. With everything you need, locals are the best allies. Always was, always will be. Did we mention Davie is a diverse community where people treat each other correctly regardless of what culture they belong to? Yep, that’s right. Davie residents know how to treat each other as human beings.

A peacock inside the zoo. Davie is certainly one of the booming Florida places young couples adore.
This peacock was photographed inside Davie’s own Flamingo Gardens. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to visit this wonderful family hotspot.


Rockledge residents are well-known for their hospitality, newcomers say. That means your family won’t have a hard time adapting to this amazing coastal city. It’s one of the most affordable places on the coast. Residents give only 23% of their income to housing costs. Low crime rates are also something the city’s residents are pretty proud of. Your family’s safety is your top priority. You won’t have to worry a bit if you decide to settle in Rockledge. There are also 15 parks in the city that can serve as the backdrop for a neat weekend family picnic. Needless to mention – schools are pretty great, and the city’s home to a well-educated majority.

Cooper City

Last but not least, Cooper City also stands as one of the most family-friendly cities in the state. Some people say that this is one of the best places to eat in Florida. Other notice how friendly Cooper City residents are. There’s a slim chance you won’t enjoy this one. About 40% of residents have young kids. Now, ain’t that saying something? That surely makes it a top destination for young couples looking to raise their children the way they think it’s best. Feel free to contact, and see how can they be of help while you go through the relocation process. Making Cooper City your new home was never easier.

A few words before we leave

So, that was that. This was a carefully selected list of booming Florida places where young families are living their dreams nowadays. Hopefully, you’ve fallen in love with some of them by now. Wherever you choose to move, one thing’s for sure: great family-friendly neighborhoods, top-notch public education, and quality moving crews ready to help you move in. Florida is a perfect state for young couples to start their lives the way they’ve dreamed of.

Thank you for reading. We wish you the best of luck relocating your family to the place of your dreams. In Florida, of course.