If you are wondering where exactly would be the best to move to in Maryland after retirement, then you are just in the right place. Here, you will find some information about the best places to retire in Montgomery County and spend your golden years in the best way possible.

Chevy Chace

The very first location on our list is Chevy Chace, a wonderful suburb in Maryland. People who live here describe the place as safe and they have no problem at all going on night walks. The community is very close and neighbors are always ready to help each other. Moreover, almost everyone here owns a house, and the real estate market is not bad at all. Many people have moved to Chevy Chace from Washington DC where they used to work and are pretty satisfied with their life in this suburb.

Hire professional moving assistance when moving to Montgomery County as a retiree

When you decide to move your house as a retiree, you should definitely opt for hiring professional moving assistance. In this way, you will be able to relax, free your mind from unnecessary worries and leave everything in good hands. Moreover, you will save more time and energy if you hire people who have experience and who are respectful. For example, you can check out hnmovers.com and see what this company is offering, or go with another one instead.

South Kensington is one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County

The second place that we recommend living in after retirement is South Kensington in Montgomery County. This suburb in Maryland has many coffee shops where you can spend your mornings reading newspapers. Moreover, it has very nice houses you can choose from with the help of your realtor. Also, it has very highly rated public schools which means that it is ideal for young families as well. In addition, South Kensington in Maryland has very good restaurants and parks.

A cup of coffee nestled upon the article that talks about South Kensington being one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County.
South Kensington has very nice coffee shops where you can read newspapers in peace each morning.

Moving professionals from this area are excellent

If you definitely decide to relocate to one of the places in Montgomery County after you retire, then you should let experts from the area help with the whole process. Definitely, moving into your new house can be pretty exhausting but luckily, this part of Maryland has excellent moving experts. No matter if your move is long-distance or local, great teams will be ready to help you at every moment. Moreover, these people are very polite, trustworthy, and reliable which is a crucial thing. In case you do not have enough time to pack on your own, we advise you to opt for packing services as well, for this step can make the whole process much less complicating and tiring.


The third on our list of best places to retire in Montgomery County is Potomac. This suburb is diverse and is not bad at all for families, plus many retirees are living here. The great thing about Potomac is the number of very beautiful parks. If you like green spaces and long walks, then relocating to one of the available real estate properties here will be a perfect thing to do. Furthermore, Potomac has everything you need on daily bases, drug stores, grocery stores, and many different shops. Educational opportunities here are excellent, and residents say that they feel very safe living here.

A grocery store.
Potomac is considered one of the best places to retire in Montgomery County because of the plethora of grocery stores and everything else that you might need on a daily basis.

Travilah is one of the best places where you can retire in Montgomery County

The fourth place that can be great for people who want to relocate soon after their retirement is Travilah in Montgomery County. We must say that this Maryland suburb has a rural feel and its residents are very liberal. It has very good public schools which means that people who are planning kids or want to move with their family will find it great. Neighbors are there for one another and always willing to help which is a very important thing that makes Travilah a much safer location. Some residents say that there is a lack of public transportation, but that is not a big problem for most people. Furthermore, many new businesses are opening in Travilah which means that it will have more residents soon.

Forest Glen

The fifth location in Montgomery County in Maryland on our list is Forest Glen. The residents claim that it is a very safe, quiet, and peaceful suburb ideal for all who want more relaxing days. Also, Forest Glen has restaurants, different stores, coffee shops, and nice parks. Housing prices are not too high, and you can choose to buy or rent a house according to your preferences. Here, you will find many homes in different architectural styles so you must know exactly what you are looking for. For this reason, hiring a professional real estate agent is the right thing to do because it will make the whole process of looking for and buying a perfect home much easier and quicker.

A park.
Forest Glen has amazing parks.


Finally, to sum up, some of the best places to retire in Montgomery County in Maryland can be found here. First, there is Chevy Chase which has a community that is very close. Second, South Kensington has wonderful restaurants and coffee shops. Third, Potomac is a very safe place with beautiful parks. Fourth, Travilah is a suburb where people are pretty liberal and that has a rural feel. And, fifth, there is Forest Glen, a suburb that is quiet, and peaceful, with amazing parks and houses. As you see, all these locations are very good choices where you can spend your best days.