So, you are thinking of relocating to Manatee County, Florida. That sounds like a great idea! Surely, you wanted to move there for years. But now the time has come to actually do that. However, there is one thing that bothers you. You still have not decided where exactly you want to move. There is no need to worry. We are here to help you make this decision. Here, in this text, you will learn all about the best places to live in Manatee County. For now, all you need to do is sit, relax and continue with your reading. Good luck!

Do not move by yourself to Manatee County

Before we start mentioning the best places for life in Manatee County, we have to give you some tips on the relocation process itself. Importantly, you should avoid relocating completely on your own for many reasons. Here, we are going to mention some of the most important ones.

You can get hurt

First of all, you can get hurt very easily during your relocation. Especially if you plan to lift all those heavy boxes and furniture items on your own. Keep in mind that some injuries can cause more problems later.


Secondly, believe it or not, stress is present during each and every moving process. We are all aware of how higher amounts of stress can affect our organism and later our health in general. Many people tend to get ill because of it. So, take this seriously and spare yourself from stressing out.

More expenses

Thirdly, moving on your own can be more expensive. Especially if there are some problems like injuries or illness. Consequently, that will mean spending more money on medical care and wasting more time. You do not want that to happen, right?

The risk of getting lost while moving to Manatee County

Fourthly, there is the risk of getting lost. If you have never been to your future home before, this can happen very easily. In addition, it can also happen if you are bad at orienting in space in general. For all of these reasons, you should think of finding some help for your moving to a new Manatee County neighborhood.

Hire a professional moving company to help you with your relocation

In order to avoid all the problems that relocating on your own can cause, we strongly advise you to hire a professional moving company when moving to one of the best places to live in Manatee County. Nowadays, it is not difficult at all to find the moving experts. All you need to do is search the internet. But, you have to be careful. Keep in mind that you cannot just hire the first company that you find. You should contact more of them and see which services they have to offer for what price. Only then can you see which relocation company has everything that you need for your move. Moreover, we recommend you to check Big Man’s Moving Company Florida. You will see that they are very reliable and experienced people.

The best places to live in Manatee County you would want to consider


Bradenton is one of the best places for life in Manatee County. It has many historical properties. For example, Braden Castle Park Historic District and Iron Block Building. When it comes to education, it has Manatee High School. This place has to offer many things in terms of culture. Some of them are the Village of the Arts, South Florida Museum and Bradenton Blues Festival.


Palmetto is the next place on our list. It is excellent for people who have kids. It has five elementary schools. These are Blackburn, Palmetto, James Tillman, Virgin Mills and Palmview schools. Moreover, it has Lincoln and Buffalo Creek middle schools and Palmetto high school, which is excellent.

A beach with palm trees.

Palmetto is a beautiful place for life.

Lakewood Ranch

This place is also appropriate for families. When education is in question, it has many public, private, vocational schools and colleges. Here, we are going to list some of them.

Lakewood Ranch public schools

  1. Braden River Elementary School
  2. Freedom Elementary School
  3. R. Dan Nolan Middle School
  4. Braden River Middle School
  5. Carlos E. Haile Middle School
  6. Gilbert W. McNeal Elementary School
  7. Lakewood Ranch High School
  8. Imagine School Lakewood Ranch
  9. Robert E. Willis Elementary School
  10. B. D. Gullet Elementary School

Private schools in Lakewood Ranch

  1. The Classical Academy of Sarasota
  2. Saint Stephen’s Episcopal School
  3. Cardinal Mooney Catholic High School
  4. Out-of-door Academy

Lakewood Ranch vocational schools

  1. Meridian College
  2. Manatee Technical College

Lakewood Ranch colleges

  1. Keiser University
  2. State College of Florida
  3. Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

Holmes Beach in Manatee County

Holmes Beach is a city which is located on Anna Maria Island. It is a very peaceful place. Therefore, it is perfect for people who do not like noise and pollution. It is great for elderly people as well.

Beach houses in one of the best places to live in Manatee County.

Holmes Beach is a very peaceful place.

Bayshore Gardens

This place is also appropriate for people with children and the ones who want to study. In Bayshore Gardens you can find the main campus of The State College of Florida. That campus includes The Howard Studio Theater, The Family Heritage House Museum and Neel Performing Arts Center.

Florida State University.

Bayshore Gardens is an appropriate place for people who want to study.

Cortez in Manatee County

Cortez is a place in Manatee County which has a rich history and culture. That makes it a perfect place for the ones who are interested in these fields. Also, it is worth mentioning that this place is a fishing village that was founded by the settlers from North Carolina.

Some of the most important places in Cortez are:

  1. Florida Institute of Saltwater Heritage
  2. Cortez Cultural Center
  3. Florida Maritime Museum
  4. Cortez Historic District

Anna Maria

Anna Maria is a very peaceful place in Manatee County, Florida. It is great for elderly people and the ones who do not like the crowd.