Miami is one of the most popular cities in the US for a reason. Living in the most populous city in Florida is everyone’s dream, but for many, it can seem like Miami is too expensive. This can be true if you decide to live in some of the priciest parts of the city. However, you can enjoy everything Miami has to offer by getting a home in some of the “normal” parts of the city. In this article, we are going to explore some of the best Miami neighborhoods for low to middle-income families, and how you can get to them.

Last time we have been exploring the top 5 Delaware cities for seniors, and now it is time to turn our attention to Miami. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Miami vista.

Let’s explore some of the best affordable neighborhoods Miami has to offer!

Bay Harbor Islands

With an average home price of around $313 thousand, Bay Harbor Islands is a perfect neighborhood for anyone who wants to enjoy Miami without having to go over their financial limit. By living in this beautiful community, you’ll be getting all you ever wanted from Miami. There are a lot of parks dotted all around, and the sky greets its residents with eternal sunshine.

However, if you want to move to this amazing community, you should know that there exist different options to meet your needs when it comes to moving. Whether you are moving for a short time, or you plan on living there for years, it is best to have someone helping you get your belongings there. This means that you have to be smart when choosing a moving service in Miami.

Biscayne Bay separates this suburb from the mainland, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get to it. Connections to the mainland are very functional, and there is not a lot of traffic. If you want to live here for a short period of time, you have to know that the average rent is around $14 hundred. Crime almost doesn’t exist, and the crime rate is 77% lower than the national average.

Coral Way – one of the best Miami neighborhoods you can  move to on a budget

Coral Way derives its name from the street that makes one of the main motorways of this community. Much of that road is covered by a natural Banyan tree canopy, and our friends from City Movers say that they love working here. This is a neighborhood of immense beauty, and it is one of the most family-friendly neighborhoods in Miami, and it is very popular with young families. The crime rate is 8% lower than the national average. If you decide to buy a home here, you’ll be living relatively close to Downtown Miami. This means that the neighborhood architecture is a mix of old architectural styles and modern influences.

The average rent in Coral Way is around $13 hundred.

Sunny Isles Beach

Family going to one of the best Miami neighborhoods.

With an average crime rate 41% lower than the national average, Sunny Isles Beach is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children.

If you love taking a bath in the ocean, Sunny Isles Beach may be the perfect neighborhood for you. Many families in this picturesque community live in condominiums. By getting home for an average of $316 thousand, you’ll probably also get a view of the ocean. If you plan on leaving Colorado for the East Coast, you’ll have a much different view than you had in the midwest.

The crime rate is 41% lower than the national average, and the average rent is about $15 hundred.