Finding a reliable mover can be challenging when you have too many options. Even if you are moving to Florida, you will have a burdensome time picking a moving company because of so many choices. Because you will spend money to relocate to the Sunshine State, you need movers who will be on time and relocate you stress-freeEast Coast Haul will talk about the qualities of the best full-service moving companies in Florida and give you some recommendations.

Best full-service moving companies in Florida will have experience 

The first quality of a good moving company is years of operating. Try and find movers that are known in the industry. Because with years of experience comes the knowledge that other newer moving companies do not have. Besides simply providing a good moving service they will be calmer when any problems arise during your relocation. Finally, you can be sure that nothing will surprise them and they can deal with any situation. A moving company with decades of experience is Good Greek Moving & Storage Tampa, and they can handle your move problem-free. Consider hiring them if you are moving to Tampa or anywhere close because their local knowledge is unparalleled. 

movers loading a truck
An experienced moving company will not struggle to move even the most difficult objects.

No hidden fees when providing a moving estimate 

The second trait of reliable movers is honesty when giving you a price. Many moving companies will trick their customers by adding extra fees after the relocation is complete. They do not tell the customer about the extra cost of moving specific items. For example, if you have a piano, it will cost more to relocate than a box of dishes. A piano is an expensive musical instrument that needs extra attention and care. They will have to use specific tools and techniques to pack the piano and load it into a truck. 

A reliable mover will come to your home and see all the items in your house and give you an accurate estimate. The quota will not change during or after your move to Florida. If they are honest, you will not have to worry about extra costs, and you can organize your move to Florida without worry. 

person holding a wallet with dollar bills
The best full-service moving companies in Florida will not lie to you about the cost of the move.

They will take every detail into account 

The third trait of reliable movers is being careful throughout your relocation to Florida. Here is how a moving company should respond to all of your relocation needs: 

  • First, the best full-service moving companies in Florida should ask many questions. About the size of your home, what type of items do you have. And tell you if they have experience moving any challenging belongings. If any items cost extra to relocate, they should mention it when you interview them; 
  • Second, the entire staff should be considerate and polite to you and answer all of your questions
  • Third, to show their attention to detail, they should wear uniforms
  • Finally, when the packing begins, they will ask you what boxes to load first and do any items need special attention. For example, should they add extra wrapping or not put anything on top of it. 
man carrying items in a green uniform, best full-service moving companies in Florida have uniforms
Detailed ordinated moving companies will have their staff in the same uniform.

A moving company like Father & Son Moving & Storage will work diligently on your move. Especially if you are moving to Miami, they know the area well and can get you anywhere in Miami and the area. 

Best full-service moving companies in Florida will have trained professionals 

The fourth characteristic of a reputable Florida moving company is the well-trained staff. When most people get into moving, they see it as a jumping-off spot for something different. Because most do not see moving as a career option, you have so many terrible moving experiences. 

Reliable movers should have a staff that can deal with any problems during your move to Florida. They should be attentive and answer all of your questions. When it comes to skills, they should be able to disassemble your furniture, pack, unpack and crate. In addition, everybody should know how to operate their moving equipment safely to avoid injury to the staff and the client. 

Positive reviews 

When it comes to judging moving companies, there are no better people than their previous customers. The most foolproof option to find a trustworthy review on a moving company is to ask your friends to recommend someone. You know that they will not lie to you. And that they have gone through a whole moving experience with that moving company. They know how they had acted every step of the way until reaching the desired destination. 

If your friends can not recommend any reputable movers to relocate you to Florida, you have to take the matter into your own hands. Grab your phone or laptop and start reading reviews of moving companies you were considering. Look for reviews on Google reviews, Yelp, the company website, or their social media pages. While perfect review history should mean that you have the ideal moving company, it’s probably the opposite. They have probably posted fake reviews to increase their chances of getting hired. If you are looking for a positively reviewed moving company, My Guys Moving & Storage is a good option. Besides their good reviews, they provide excellent moving services in the Orlando area and will relocate you hassle-free anywhere. 

Reputable movers should be time effective 

The final quality you should look for in a moving company is punctuality. You can begin to judge their timeliness when you schedule a meeting with them. If they are late, that is not a good sign. Arriving at the meeting on time is easy – imagine what would happen when they have to coordinate a whole relocation to Florida. How messy will that get?


We have recommended to you some of the best full-service moving companies in Florida and told you how you can recognize good ones. If you follow our advice, you will not struggle to reach the Sunshine State, and if any problems arise, contact us for help.