If you are planning your relocation to Bergen County, this article can be of great help to you. Here you can read something more about Bergen County lifestyle. Moreover, in this text, you will also find some basic moving tips. Waste no more time and start reading. We sincerely hope that you will find our article helpful and informative. Enjoy your reading!

Housing prices in Bergen County

First of all, we have to inform you that housing expenses in Bergen County are very high for American standards. Obviously, you have to be ready for that. No matter whether you plan to buy or rent a place, you must have some savings if you really want to start a new life there. In addition, if you have in mind buying a house in Bergen County, we strongly advise you to hire a real estate agent. Believe us, nobody can be of greater help to you than a true expert in this particular field. Also, finding a real estate agent today is very easy. You can do that by using the internet. After you find a person that you find capable of helping you to buy a new place, contact her or him. In this manner, you would certainly find a suitable house for you for a good price.

Avoid moving completely on your own

After you have found and bought or rented your new place, the next step is relocation itself. Before you start decluttering your current home, looking for cardboard boxes, plastic wrap and all the other things that you will need for your packing process, you have to decide how you will move. We have to warn you that relocating completely by yourself can be a very dangerous thing to do for various reasons. Here, we are going to mention only two of them.


The first reason against moving to your new home by yourself is, obviously, a great amount of stress which is always caused by each and every relocation process. Furthermore, stress can cause other problems in our organism. For example, it can easily weaken your immune system which can lead to various illnesses.

Physical injuries

The second reason why you should give up on moving on your own is the risk of getting hurt. Believe it or not, that can happen very easily. The results of many studies show that most people hurt their back while lifting heavy and large furniture items, the majority of which has suffered these injuries at the time of their moving process. Moreover, we all know how expensive medical care can be. Surely, you do not want to spend more than you have planned for your relocation, right? Due to these reasons, you should cross “moving on your own” from your “to” do list right now.

Hire the professional relocation company

For all the reasons we have stated above, we strongly suggest you hire a professional relocation company. Do not worry. Nowadays it is extremely easy to find the one that is perfect for your needs. All you need to do is to search the internet. Remember: you cannot hire just any relocation company, but the one that suits you the most and whose people are both reliable and experienced. For example, Saddle River has some great professionals who can assist you. So, it will be best to contact them as soon as you can.

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Hiring a professional relocation company will make your moving process a lot easier.

Location of Bergen County

Bergen County is placed in the northeastern part of New Jersey, the country in the United States of America. It has Bald Mountain. Moreover, Bergen County is bordered by Manhattan, the Bronx and Rockland County. In addition, it is also bordered by Westchester County, Hudson County, Essex County, and Passaic County.


According to one classification, Southeastern Bergen County is located at the edge of the humid subtropic climate zone. In addition, most of Bergen County has a hot-summer humid continental climate. Because of its location, Bergen is the only county in New Jersey that has three climate zones.

People in Bergen County

 A growing demographic and cultural diversity is a part of Bergen County lifestyle. There are Italian Americans, Hispanic and Latin Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans and Jewish Americans. Moreover, many Korean Americans, Balkan Americans, Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans live there. Also, a significant number of Indian, Muslim, Iranian, Russian, Polish, Filipino and African Americans have moved there. In addition, there are many same-sex couples.

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There are many different nationalities in Bergen County.


It is important to notice that Bergen County has a great road network. In addition, The George Washington Bridge is the busiest bridge for motor vehicles in the whole world. Also, there are train, local and express bus services. Importantly, there is also one airport in this county: Teterboro Airport.

Education in Bergen County

When education is in question, Bergen County offers a lot of possibilities. It has colleges, universities, both private and public high schools. This means that it is great for people with children and for those who plan to study and who are interested in higher education.

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There are many educational institutions in Bergen County.

Culture is an essential part of Bergen County lifestyle

There are numerous museums in Bergen County. Moreover, there is The Bergen Performing Arts Center which is based in Englewood. In addition, there are two state parks: Ramapo Mountain State Forest and Palisades Interstate Park. For the ones who are interested in historical sites, there are Steuben House, New Bridge Landing and the Hermitage, all of which are owned by the state.