Being one of the best places to live in Dallas, TX, this city attracts a lot of new residents. If Carrollton is or of your options for moving house, be sure to read all about it and see why so many people choose it as their home. Here are the benefits of moving to Carrollton, Texas – why is it good to make yourself a new home right here?


Let’s start with the basics. If you’re moving to Carrollton, Texas from a colder place with a harsh climate – you’re going to love it. With an average of 230 sunny days, it is a very pleasant place to live. Summers are warm, yet not too hot, whereas winters come with some rain and snow. A pleasant climate like this will make think of making a pool in your backyard and having a perfect little summer patio – the perfect way to overcome relocation depression.

It’s safe

If you’re moving with your kids, you’ll be pleased to know that this city is pretty safe and family-friendly. It’s one of the safest places in Texas, which makes it very popular among new residents with families.

A family of three thinking about moving to Carrollton.

 Looking for a safe place to move your family Рmoving to Carrollton is a great idea!

You can have fun any time you want

Another reason why moving to Carrollton, Texas is a great idea is the endless possibilities of fun and recreation. Numerous parks, lakes golf courses give you a chance to do something fun outside whenever you want.

A couple on a bike

Spending time outdoors is always available in Carrollton – with all the open spaces and good weather, you can enjoy it anytime you want.

Great quality of life

If you want to live in a well-connected, friendly community, then moving to Carrollton, Texas is a great idea. Its residents are able to have a great lifestyle just a short drive away from Dallas. This gives you a chance to work in Dallas and live in Carrollton quite easily. Also, there are so many businesses there as well, so there’s no need to commute to Dallas. Furthermore, the community is well-educated, too. Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD is well-known in the area, which is also one of the reasons why families want to move here.

It’s easy to move to Carrollton

This city offers a variety of housing options, which is also an attractive point when moving to Carrollton, Texas. The median property value is around $320,000 -a bit more expensive, right? However, you can find properties of really different price ranges, depending on the location, size, and special preferences. Also, when moving to the city, you need to consider your relocation options. This is fairly easy to do since you can hire a local company like Small World Moving Texas to help you out. Locals know everything about this area, which will make the move a lot faster and safer.


Another important task on this list of benefits of moving to Carrollton, Texas is the affordability of such a lifestyle. Even though housing costs are a bit more expensive in Carrollton than the average, that’s okay because there is no income tax, and Texas offers generally low cost of living to its residents.