In the past, people have always wanted to move to a bigger city in hope that it will provide them with more opportunities and a generally better life. However, now, the tables have turned.  More and more people are getting tired of constantly waiting in lines, traffic jams, high property taxes, polluted air and high costs of living. If you are one of those people, maybe you should consider moving to a small city. You will be surprised to see how many things a small city can offer. But before you decide to make this big step, make sure that you organize your move well!

No Traffic Jams

Everybody hates traffic congestion, and it keeps getting worse. When you are living in a big city, going anywhere by car is probably your worst nightmare.  If you move to a smaller city, you can say goodbye to traffic jams. With fewer people and cars, you can get anywhere in just 15 minutes, and, in addition, you will save time and money. You can also think about switching from car to a bike as your main source of transportation since everything will be within your walking distance. This means better health and better shape. Also, since you will be spending less time in traffic, you will have more free time for your family and friends.

In big cities, you will have to deal with thousands of cars running through the streets.

If you are planning to move to a small city, you can easily say goodbye to traffic jams

Less Pollution

As previously mentioned, in small towns there is less traffic, and that means less pollution. It is a known fact that many people consider moving to a small city because of this reason. Clean air is beneficial in many ways, especially for people with health problems. Also, raising your children in a place that has fresh water, clean air and lots of green surfaces is probably the best thing you can give them. Being closer to nature and having access to wilderness areas will definitely bring you joy in life. Smaller cities will give you many chances to experience new things.

A Budget-Friendly Place to Live

Small cities are generally more affordable places to live in. Everything is cheaper! Since everything is close to you, you will not have to spend money on public transport or gas for your car. In big cities, the real estate properties are very expensive because of the high demand. However, smaller cities will not be as expensive, and you will be able to get more for your money. Also, you will not have to break the bank when shopping. You can also go to a restaurant and order a great meal without spending the whole salary on food. If you are a person who likes outdoor activities, you can also save many because you will be surrounded by many green surfaces which are free.

Hello Neighbor!

Say goodbye to privacy! If you are a sociable and outgoing person you should definitely consider moving to a small city. People are generally friendlier than those forever busy people in big cities who never have time to exchange a few words with their neighbors. In small towns, you will have to get to know your neighbors and people in your community. So, be prepared for a lot of gatherings, brunches, barbecues, and welcoming house parties. You will be surrounded by people who know you. Not only that, but you will become friends with your waiters and hair-stylists and the people you always see at your favorite bar on Saturday night. Small cities feel like a big family, so make sure to look at your neighbors as if they were your relatives.

Neighbors talking and enjoying a beautiful day outside

If you are planning to move to a small city, be prepared to meet all of your neighbors

Family Comes First

It goes without saying that people living in small cities are more family-oriented than those living in bigger ones. Since you will be spending less time commuting and working, you can devote yourself to your partner and children. Raising your child in a small town will be beneficial for all. Not only will it be better for their health, but also they will grow up being more sociable, friendlier and responsible. Also, the educational system seems to be much better than the one in the big city. The number of students in the classroom is lower and the teacher has time for every single student.  So if you are planning to start a family, think about moving to a small city. And, if this is your first time to move, be sure to check all the moving tips for beginners, which will make your move easier.

Parents walking in the countryside with their daughter

Moving to a small town will be beneficial for your family!


Many believe that small towns have nothing to offer when it comes to entertainment. Or if they do have it, it is usually very limited. It is true that a big city offers a number of activities, but if you think about it, those activities require a lot of time and money. In a small town, everything is in your walking distance, which again, is great if you have children, so that you can avoid that notorious question “are we there yet”. Having fewer restaurants, parks, and stores to choose from can be refreshing.  Life is simpler with less. So if you think about moving to a small town, here are some of the things you can do there for fun:

  • host a bonfire
  • drive or walk to the nearest lake or river and fish
  • go camping
  • watch high school sports
  • build a tree fort
  • raise a pet
  • start a neighboring game night

Conclusion – Definitely consider moving to a small city

These are just some of the things you should bear in mind if you are moving to a small city. Advantages are many, so do not be afraid to take this step. Do detailed research which city is best for you and your family. Before moving, make sure you check all the tips and tricks that will help you move more easily and try to find a good and reliable moving company.