We can show you all the reasons why you should move to Harlem, New York this year. Ok, maybe not all the reasons but we have six good ones. Before we start, we wanted to mention the rich history this neighborhood has. It is not a big factor when it comes to choosing a place to live but it’s nice to know. During the Civil Rights Movement, influential figures such as Malcolm X, Adam Clayton Powell Jr, and Queen Mother Moore used Harlem as a springboard to advance their political, social, and economic goals. As a result, Harlem played an important part in the movement. People who live in Harlem today have the opportunity to visit a wide range of excellent museums and historical sites in New York City, such as the Langston Hughes House, which pay tribute to the neighborhood’s fascinating and lengthy history.

If you move to Harlem make sure to visit the Shabazz Center to view the statue of Malcolm X and find out more about the significant role that this New York City area played in the progression of social change.

#1 This is an affordable (well for NYC standards) neighborhood

It’s common knowledge that the cost of living in NYC is among the highest in the country. Because the cost of living in Harlem is 25 percent lower than the cost of living in NYC in general. Living in Harlem enables you to enjoy a fun and exciting Manhattan lifestyle without the burden of a hefty price tag. Not only do renters in Harlem have access to amazing nightlife, nice and historic buildings, and great live music, but the median rent in Harlem is also lower than the rent in affordable neighborhoods such as Bay Ridge in Brooklyn and Woodlawn in the Bronx. Now you understand why we had to put prices in the first place of reasons to move to Harlem.

A woman counting money before the move to Harlem

Living in NYC means spending a lot of money on rent and everyday expenses. Harlem is one of the most affordable areas.

#2 Public transportation is great

Harlem, much like the rest of the City That Never Sleeps, has a wide range of public transportation options that can help you get around the neighborhood as well as the rest of the city. For example,  Harlem Bus has designated stops beginning in the early hours and continuing well into the wee hours of the night, you can find a way to work, your home, and have fun wherever you want to. Even though Harlem is home to not one but two train stations—the 148th Street Station and the 125th Street Station—there are a significant number of stops located all over the neighborhood. For convenient travel throughout the area, take the Harlem Line of the Metro-North Railroad. Take your pick from the assortment of bicycles available for rent, and go for a relaxing spin through Harlem!

#3 Good schools are a good reason to move to Harlem

People who are interested in furthering their education can move to Harlem to have a wide variety of colleges to choose from. Your journey toward a successful career in medicine can begin on the beautiful grounds of the City College of New York’s School of Medicine. At Columbia University, you can further your education in a wide variety of fields of study. You can choose from ancient studies, creative arts, or any other available options.

At Hunter College, you can earn your degree and participate in a variety of on-campus activities, such as service organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and interest-based clubs and organizations such as the Chess Club. You might also consider attending Barnard College, a women-only institution that takes great pride in fostering leadership and diverse ways of thinking. All of this sounds great, right? Well, Harlem is a great place. It is a bit underrated but that happens sometimes. Of course, if you are planning to move to Harlem this year make sure to call cleancutmoving.com to help you with all your moving needs.

Two students looking at their mobile phones under the Columbia University sign.

Your kids will live near some of the best schools.

#4 you will find areas for any lifestyle

Harlem is like a mini-borough, with many unique neighborhoods. Hamilton Heights offers Hudson River views and subway access. Sugar Hill, home of Thurgood Marshall and Adam Clayton Powell Jr., has Victorian and Queen Anne-style residences. East Harlem is rich in culture and entertaining things to do. Or you can consider Astor Row, which has a collection of homes with porches, and front and side yards. Chances are you will easily find an apartment here just for you.

#5 our personal favorite reason to move to Harlem – Harlem parks

Living in NYC doesn’t mean sacrificing nature. Harlem’s parks offer a respite from Manhattan’s noise and towers. Dog owners will love this. So will the kids and outdoorsy people. Harlem has over 20 amazing parks full of greenery and amenities for kids. If you are moving here with your kids, you will need a little bit of help with packing or planning. If you contact skilled people ready to jump in, everything will be much easier.

A mother playing with her children in the park.

Living near some great parks is very important for parents

#6 This is a great place for those who like to party

Harlem’s nightlife includes low-key bars, blazing clubs, and more. Bill’s Place, a bootleggers Harlem nightclub, features weekend jazz sessions. Cove Lounge was named to be “Best New Bar/Lounge” by Food Network. The Honey Well serves tasty beverages and modest nibbles. At the Wallace, watch football, drink beers, or relax on the patio. Gotham Comedy Club features Brent Morin and The Gotham All-Stars. There is something for everyone.