Nowadays, moving scams are more common than ever. Anyone can make a website, buy or rent trucks, and pass themselves off as a reliable mover. Hiring a trustworthy moving company is an essential part of the relocation process. So, if you’re moving soon, you must know these 5 ways to avoid moving scams in 2020.

Avoid paying a large cash deposit – One of the 5 ways to avoid moving scams in 2020

Security deposits are usual during peak moving season. Also, they are common in areas where there are high rates of moving. But, always do your research before putting down a security deposit. Because this is one of the most common moving scams. Movers can ask for a large cash deposit, take your money, and pull a disappearing act.

There are many benefits you get when hiring a professional mover. But, you must know how to find them. So, it’s good to talk with your real estate agent. He can help you find a reliable mover that won’t ask for a deposit or a company that you feel safe paying.

Dollar Hand Giving - 5 ways to avoid moving scams in 2020

Get to know 5 ways to avoid moving scams in 2020.

Demanding an increase in money

Possibly the most common moving scam is an unexpected price increase. In this case, movers offer you a reasonably low estimate for your relocation. This rate will probably be lower than any other estimate you receive, so it can be very tempting to accept.

But, once you arrive at your new home, the movers will assert that you owe them more. They will cite additional charges, tariffs, hidden expenses, and other reasons for demanding more money. So, you’ll end up paying more than you would have by accepting a higher estimate from a reputable company. But, you can avoid this scam by learning how to compare moving quotes

Avoid holding goods hostage – avoid moving scams in 2020

Movers may threaten to hold your goods until you pay the money they demand. This usually happens when they use the price-increase scam before. One of the 5 ways to avoid moving scams is to check the company’s track record. Go to the BBB to see if there have been any complaints filed against them. Also, check to get the analysis of the professional movers you are considering to use.

Operating illegally

Some movers will try to pass themselves off as legitimate. But, they are actually unregistered and operating illegally. They may not scam you directly, but it’s still not a legitimate business. Their operation can be shut down and your belongings held as evidence. Then, there is no guarantee that they would ever make it to your new home. But, to avoid this scam, movers should provide you with their USDOT number. 

Legally Illegaly

Make sure your movers are working legally.

Insurance fraud

Some illegal movers offer a blanket insurance policy to entice you. Even the most reputable movers only offer minimal coverage. Instead, insurance is purchased from a third party. Any mover that offers complete coverage should be an immediate red flag. If something happens to your belongings, you’re unlikely to receive compensation. Even if the mover’s promise of blanket insuranceSo, to avoid this scam, confirm that everything is documented. Professionals will document every step and give you copies of all the paperwork.