There are plenty of people who love Upper West Side, NYC but there are people who don’t. If you are among those who don’t, we are here to prove to you that you are wrong. This is a truly amazing neighborhood of New York and living here definitely is a privilege.

1. It is close to Central Park

Central Park is one of the biggest and the most famous parks in the world. Plenty of people from all over New York come to Central Park every day to get some fresh air and to relax. Living so close to it sure is a big plus. And if you don’t love Central Park and spending time there, you aren’t a true New Yorker. Heart Moving Manhattan is a New York-based moving company and they say that a lot of people want to live close to Central Park.

Central Park in the vicinity of Upper West Side

Central Park is the most beautiful part of New York.

2. Entertainment options are endless

Another reason why you should love Upper West Side is the fact that you have endless fun things to see and do here. Here is where you will find bars, clubs, coffee shops, theatres, and many more fun places to go to. But even just walking through the neighborhood is going to entertain you because of the nice buildings, the huge amount of shops, people, etc.

3.  Its livability

If you love Upper West Side you probably love how livable it is. Even though it is located in the heart of New York, it isn’t very loud and there aren’t huge amounts of people on the streets. In fact, it is so livable that relocating just around the corner is easy. Many families with children live here because this part of New York City is safe. And it is exactly because it is located in the center of all the happenings

Central Park

The Upper West Side is very livable and that is why people with children live here.

4. You will either never or always be hungry

Why many people love Upper West Side is because of the large number of restaurants. You can choose between fancy, modern ones and old, inexpensive ones. You will never be hungry because you will always find something nice to eat but you will also always be hungry because you will always be surrounded by good food.

5. Public transport access

If you already live in New York, you know how important easy access to public transport is. You can’t use your car on a daily basis in New York. It is too crowded for that. Even public transport is always too crowded but it is the fastest way to get from one place to another in New York. And the Upper West Side has great public transport access. This also makes this neighborhood one of the best places to start a business.