The East Coast has a reputation of being a high priced area that is not that affordable to many people. Chances are that if you are dreaming about living in New York City, you will just keep on dreaming an impossible dream. This will certainly happen if you are not ready to sacrifice your life by working non-stop to afford the amenities of New York. But, the East Coast is not that unaffordable. There are plenty of cities and towns that are quite affordable and great to live in. These cities can offer a coastal lifestyle and be affordable at the same time So, let us make a list of some of the most affordable cities on the East Coast.


So, in order to decide on some of the most affordable cities on the East Coast, it is necessary to first gather information and analyze. When looking for affordability, it is always important to analyze the cost of living and the quality of life each city has to offer. Finding the right balance is key here. It is important to decide on just how much you are willing to sacrifice when moving into a city. With the constant hassle and rush of the big cities, you must decide on how much you are willing to give. If you want a fast and hectic lifestyle, and a rich offer of amenities you will have to sacrifice your free time in order to earn enough to enjoy it. So, you should assess the cost of living and the amenities you get when looking for affordable cities on the east coast. You also have to take into consideration what you can afford or are willing to work for.

The view of Jacksonville, one of the most affordable cities on the East Coast.

Jacksonville is one of the most affordable cities on the east coast with a lot to offer.

Choosing your perfect East Coast location will depend on many factors that you have to consider. The proximity of family, housing, transport, cultural scene, and education are just some of them. The most crucial would be housing affordability, career opportunities, and potential economic growth of the area. There are a lot of east coast cities that are affordable and that provide a good balance between the cost of living and quality of life. Let us just name a few:

  • Jacksonville, Florida,
  • Savannah, Georgia
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Fort Pierce, Florida
  • Baltimore, Maryland


Jacksonville is a city with a very low cost of living and rising home value. As such it is attractive to many moving in. With its great weather, nature, and pristine beaches, it is a very popular destination both for tourists and those migrating to Florida.

Beautiful scenery is accompanied by great architecture that is home to some small, cozy neighborhoods. At the same time, the city offers dynamic nightlife and entertainment. Besides its retiree population, the cities’ booming economy is attracting more and more young people. Young professionals with families are moving in great numbers.

An old district street in Savannah Georgia

The city of Savannah has a historical city district that is a magnet for visitors.


Savannah offers a palette of affordable homes and old mid-century mansions. The cost of living is below average and with its developing economy, it is attracting young people. The city has its historic district and has plenty of charm and character. It offers great shopping as well as a great food scene and is perfect for those enjoying the ocean, sand, and beaches. Its location is perfect for enjoying nature and wildlife preserves in the area. 


Known as the oldest city on the East Coast, Charleston offers a lot of heritage, history, and tradition. However, the city has experienced the process of modernization. Besides its historical core, it offers modern homes and apartment buildings for those looking for a home. The city also offers affordable homes that are experiencing rapid apprehension. Charleston city is very affordable but its economy is booming which is drawing in a lot of professionals looking for a good career opportunity. The main industries are tourism, but also tech, sales, marketing, and advertising

Fort Pierce

The city is known as Sunrise City and is situated on the golden coast. It is one of the oldest communities in Florida and offers history, tradition, and heritage. The city is also developing and modernizing but it is also preserving its history and charm. The city is also a tourist destination that offers great shopping, food, and a great cultural offer. With its nature preserves and parks as well as history museums it attracts both tourists and people relocating to Fort Pierce. The city has affordable homes for sale and lease as well as a low cost of living.


Baltimore is a large metropolitan area and does not seem to be very affordable. However, the city has managed to preserve its small-town feel and atmosphere. The city is diverse and culturally rich and has something to offer to everyone. It has a developing art scene and is attracting young professionals and students. The city has a great location and is also more affordable than the neighboring Washington or NYC. The homes are more affordable and the overall cost of living is below average. Besides it being affordable it is also attracting people working in high tech companies and also healthcare.

Baltimore harbor

Baltimore is a big metropolitan area that has preserved its small-town feel

Moving to The East Coast

When you decide to move to the East Coast do your research and get some expert advice. Experts like real estate agents can provide advice on leasing and buying properties and help you navigate through the process of finding accommodation. The experts will provide valuable information and advice on finding a property to lease or sell. The decision on what you will do is up to you. You should consider many factors when deciding whether to lease or buy. If you are looking for affordable housing the advice may be to buy if you plan on staying put for at least 3 years. If you plan on moving a lot then you are better off with leasing. 

So, the East Coast is not that terrifying and unattainable. There are some great and affordable places to choose from and settle in. Just do your research and try to find the place that will suit you the most.